Do you hear weird noises in your house? Do you get touched and no one’s there? Do you walk around old buildings holding a thermal imaging camera? Then Ghost Hunters is the show for you. Undoubtedly the most popular show in the paranormal genre of TV. Jason and Grant run the operation and happen to be Roto Rooter plumbers, which lead to perhaps the show’s most ridiculous segment. At the beginning of some shows, they’re shown doing some plumbing work and one of the team calls them from the office. There just happen to be camera crews at both locations at that exact time. Funny how things work out, eh?

The reason people watch this show and others like it, is that they either believe in ghosts or they just find it entertaining TV. I fall into the latter. They get to go to all these historic locations and walk around having the whole place to themselves most times. Who wouldn’t want to do that? As for ghosts being real, why not? There are stranger things in this world.

Another reason people enjoy the show is probably its predictability. They go in, hear the claims from the client, set up, go lights out, investigate, review the evidence and present to the client. You know what you’re getting into when you watch. You know they’ll hear some sound they’ll somehow conclude is a footstep or some sound they think if an entity that could also likely be the AC kicking on. We’re not there with them, so it’s hard for us to judge them too much.

The people on the team seem like down-to-earth people, who just happen to hunt ghosts, so perhaps that’s another reason people enjoy watching the show. Compared to other paranormal shows, Ghost Hunters is downright tame, as there are very little theatrics. Ghost Adventures, for example, follows Zak Bagans and two friends as they get lockdowned in a location and proceed to provoke like crazy, nearly pissing their pants at almost every sound. So they’re closer to the South Park spoof on GH, although they spend more time delving into the history and background of their location.

This week brings a new episode as they investigate the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor. Just like always, they get paid to go to cool places and look at cool stuff. It’s also the typical episode, as they hear sounds and two investigators get more excited then it seems they should be when they see a light in one of the hangers, however the most interesting part was at the end.

Typically they show the evidence to the client, and thus the audience as well, but Jason and Grant get a call about a case involving spirits troubling a little girl. The guys seem genuinely concerned as they claim their organization was built for cases like these and say they’ll catch the next available flight back. Syfy then sticks a big ‘To Be Continued August 24th’ Really? This was the first new episode in some time and now viewers have to wait for months? It seems like a bewildering tactic on the network’s part, so who knows what the reason is, but hopefully they’ll have good stuff come then.

So if you were as captivated by this article, you’ll have to wait 2 1/2 months for more!

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