For the Sharks, this is it. I could go on about how this is ‘do or die’, ‘end of the line’ or any number of hyperboles that get thrown around in these possible elimination situations. Speaking of hyperboles, Kesler gets injured in the 2nd period and during the intermission and one of the commentators is like ‘this changes the playoffs!’ Really? Really??? I mean yes, Kesler has been amazing during the playoffs, but the Canucks have those two dudes who look eerily similar to each other, among others.

So you may ask yourself, what do the Sharks need to do to stave off elimination? Well defense is going to be key, yes I know it’s a cliche, but it applies here, especially to the Sharks. In fact if they could just get better at clearing the puck out of their own zone, that might help.

Well so much for that hope, as the Sharks have trouble early clearing the puck. The Canucks are very good about setting up once they have the puck in the opposing zone. Sure enough it leads to a goal as they grab an early 1-0 lead on a sweet sequence of quick passes by the Sedins to Alex Burrows who buries it. Luckily the Sharks get the equalizer in the 2nd on a power play goal that is credited to Marleau, though it is unclear if he actually tipped it in.

So 3rd period and the Sharks have to get goin..GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! Sorry I was typing that sentence, then the Sharkies scored. Great hustle by Pavelski to get the diving pass to Setoguchi for the easy goal as Luongo had come out for a possible pokecheck, a rare misread. This is exactly the spark the Sharks need. Later, Marc-Eduard Vlasic gets whacked in the face by Burrows’ stick and the commentators make up the lame excuse that it was just a follow-through of a shot.

Just to keep things exciting, there are a few instances where the puck is loose in front of Niemi a Vancouver goal is possible but never comes to pass. Of course the Canucks score with 13 seconds left, to make it all even more exciting. Also, it figures it would be scored by Kesler, who got hurt earlier and then the talking heads sing his praises pretty much the entire intermisson. They also do a segment on how there have been 20 OT goals, and it’s been 20 days since the last one. At least they didn’t one of those obscure stats, like most short-handed goals between 8 and 9pm on an odd numbered day.

This is definitely an exciting overtime, lots of back and forth action and some amazing saves by Luongo. You know who was a great playoff goalie? Dominik Hasek. The way he made that flailing and flipping look easy was awesome to watch. He would use every part of his body to make the save. One overtime isn’t enough it seems, not that I’m complaining as this is why I enjoy playoff hockey so much; the hits, the near goals, the emotion. Case in point, Douglas Murray’s skull rattling hit on Kesler.

Thus it seems a shame that the game ends in such a perplexing way. At one point it appeared as if everyone thought the puck had gone up into the netting above the glass, but had deflected off something, it’s unclear, straight to Kevin Bieksa who slammed in the season ender for San Jose. It happened so fast and the Canucks started celebrating, confetti was falling to the ice and the refs were conferring and there was a faint hope that it would get overturned. Would they have to clear the confetti, sorta like a rain delay for hockey? But alas that was the end for the San Jose. See ya next season Sharkies!