In case you had other things to do yesterday (Easter Sunday, April 4th), the Washington Redskins made a huge intra-divisional trade to pick up Donovan McNabb.

The deal sends the 37th overall pick in this year’s draft (early 2nd round) and a conditional pick which would either send next season’s 3rd or 4th round draft pick to the Eagles depending on certain yet-to-be-reported milestones which McNabb may or may not meet.

The deal makes me a bit wary, as rarely do intra-divisional trades occur, especially with someone as high profile as Donovan McNabb.  I tend to wonder if there’s a reason why Philly is willing to let him go to the Redskins, especially because his presence in Washington almost allows him to be an extra coach a few times a year, given his familiarity with the offensive and defensive workings of the Eagles, not to mention the fact that he has game-planned for the Cowboys and Giants multiple times each year.  From that perspective, this could be a good trade even if McNabb never sees the field.

Now the big question must be answered:

Will Colt Brennan relinquish the #5 jersey to the perennial Pro Bowl QB?

Kidding, actually.  If Brennan didn’t, the Redskins would likely just forgo the formalities and cut Brennan then and there.

The real question, which Brennan is likely thinking about right now, is which of the Quarterbacks currently on the roster are likely to be cut.  Most teams don’t enter the season with three, so having four on the roster is highly unlikely.

With such a hefty price being paid for McNabb, there’s no chance he’d be the one dropped from the roster.

Jason Campbell’s spot should be secure.  He has definitely showed signs of being a highly competent NFL quarterback, and I’m sure Shanahan wants to see what he’s capable of doing.

Colt Brennan should likely have shaky knees right about now.  Although the Redskins fanbase love him based on his college resume and what he’s done in past pre-seasons, but he’s never had the chance to show what he can do during the regular season.  He had his leg fixed up last year after an injury, and there are reports that he’s actually stronger in his legs than he was during college, so Shanahan might want to see what he could do as a potential backup or trade bait.  He’s a few years removed from college, though, so the likelihood of him sticking around to be the QB Of The Future in DC is unlikely, unless Shanahan has seen some footage of him which makes him think it would be a good decision to keep him around for a couple years until after McNabb is used up.

Rex Grossman seems like the one who will be on the outs.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened today.  He’s never been a great quarterback, and his years of “having potential” are over.