Kyle Young has always been surrounded by art, whether it was the work of his artist dad Joe Young Jr. or music. But it’s the music that has really moved Kyle. Born in Hartford, Kyle grew up in Springfield, Mass where his grandfather’s piano and then a Casio keyboard gave Kyle a way to express himself through creating beats and music. He began writing in freshman year at Cathedral High School.

He made his first recording in 2004 with a friend, Dan “Scatterboxx” Sheils, who introduced Kyle to the idea of rapping. Kyle can be found creating compositions and expanding their realm with the moving image. Kyle graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Cinema and Television fromColumbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles. Kyle’s groups have included Collabo and Soggy Rotten. His “Are You Sleeping?” music video, with Natasha Ramos, has been on national TV, and his songs have been used in films, such as Collabo’s “Can You” in Copper Penny and Morbid: A Love Story.  Kyle’s solo “Bang” was also used in Morbid: A Love Story.

Mr. Incredible:You are a man that wears many hats, especially now that you are a part of the Diamond Ruff movie. How has it been trying to put together a movie soundtrack?
Kyle Young:The biggest thing i can say is that it’s been a HUGE learning experience. I’ve been doing the music thing since 2005, but it’s always been a do it yourself plan with me. With the soundtrack, it has to be done by the books, and that means teamwork, having a set budget in place, and legal concerns. It’s exciting though. The people we are dealing with in this short time so far has sped up my career greatly.

Mr. Incredible: Now I know that you, yourself are actually featured in the film during a performance set. How did it feel to have one of your songs feature on actually film and not just the soundtrack?

Kyle Young: It’s pretty amazing. It’s really surreal. You don’t fully realize it until you see the final product though. I know the process and I had to create everything, so to me the hard work x results makes sense. I feel blessed though. I feel blessed for even being interviewed right now.

Mr. Incredible: Now according to the website, Fredro Starr (sp)  from the legendary Onyx is  a part of the film. Did you try to get some advice from him on the industry?

Kyle Young: Yup, Fredro plays the title character, Diamond Ruff. He’s a real down to earth guy. I’m not one to ask advice from anyone. I’d rather have a real conversation about hip hop. I think you learn more by being genuine with people and  observing their actions. I could find any information about how Fredro made it by going to Wikipedia or watching an interview on Youtube. I’ve gained more from him just by hanging out.

Mr. Incredible: Now besides working on Diamond Ruff, you also film music videos, pretty making you a one stop shop. Was this a desire that you had or a skill learned out of need?Kyle Young: I started making rapping and eventually making beats in high school. I had a rapper friend who was in a band, and i thought that was dope, especially us being so young. I had him teach me the basics of writing lyrics and producing music and I haven’t stopped since. As far as being a one-stop-shop, the beats were out of need. Early on I realized you can’t sell music that’s not your beat, and I wanted to be completely original. I had to make my own beats. Eventually I got good at. As far as videos, my first videos, weren’t shot by me, but going to film school I was heavily involved, and knew the process. Living in CT there’s not a lot of filmmakers. You gotta do what you gotta do, or drown.Mr. Incredible: Now being that you are also an artist, how does your other skills factor into what you do when it comes to your music?

Kyle Young: Oh man. I am the ultimate artist. I can create something from nothing. I can start with a melody in my head, turn that into a beat. Write the lyrics, record and mix the vocals, master the song, create the cover graphics,  shoot and edit the video. I’m very strong with visual arts. So it’s easy for me to visualize the final product before I even start. Whether I’m rapping or painting, it’s all the same expression to me.

Mr. Incredible: Who are some of the artist that you have worked with?

Kyle Young: It’s growing man as I transition to this next level. Since I’m so do-it-yourself, I think thats the type of artists I attract. Alotta up-and coming talent too. But some notable acts. Music wise: Legendary Producer, Easy Mo Bee. R&B Singer, Natasha Ramos (Star Trak). As far as film: Fredro Starr, Wanya Morris (Boyz II Men). There’s a lot more big artists pending too!

Mr. Incredible: Do you do anything different when you are crafting a song for a soundtrack verses your own project?

Kyle Young: It’s definitely different. On my solo stuff, I say whatever I want. It’s all about me and i dont have to hold back. In a soundtrack its a group effort for a bigger picture (The Movie), so you have to fit a theme. Luckily I get to help build that theme. One thing that remains is that 1. The music has to be good. and 2. It has to be real and impact someone. There’s other things too like legal procedures (clearing samples, paperwork, blah blah lol)

Mr. Incredible: Does being an artist affect your vision as a film director or a producer?Kyle Young: Definitely. But in a positive way. I have a creative mind, and i think thats important when making an artistic piece. That ability to break down the steps to completing something. Similar to drawing a rough sketch or guidelines before painting. Being able to actually see in your mind what the final piece will look like. I can already see what I’m going to wear to the movie premiere, and I think if you can train yourself to think far ahead, then the steps will fall into place.Mr. Incredible: Besides Diamond Ruff what other projects are you currently working on?Kyle Young: Music. Just finished my first masterpiece, my Peanut Butter & Mushrooms Interactive Mixtape. So promoting that, and creating more visuals to go with that. Couple of other music video projects with people in Los Angeles. Working on a new album, and the movie soundtrack. I also help produce music videos for others in the CT area. I’m also  getting all the logistics and funding ready for a tour. First USA, then international.

Mr. Incredible: Is there anything you would like the readers to know before we end?

Kyle Young: I think more people should do what they want. If you have a dream just go for it. Be specific with it to yourself, visualize it daily and it will start to happen. Its going to be a lot of hard work, but so is working at a fast food place. Just saying. Oh and check out Peanut Butter and Mushrooms on Youtube.

To hear music from Kyle Young feel free to check out the very unique Peanut Butter and Mushrooms interactive mixtape on Youtube *Click Here*
Keep tabs on everything he has coming out on his twitter: @TheKyleYoung