Likely fueled by the success of the Twilight Saga, Hollywood has lately been obsessed with vampires, churning out movies and television shows ad nauseum.  Now that obsession has switched to another supernatural creature: zombies.

After Shaun Of The Dead and Zombieland had a considerable amount of success, the genre was reborn, so to speak.  Now The Walking Dead is a hit series on AMC, NBC comedy hit Community made their Halloween episode Zombie-centric, and Green Lantern hitting theaters can likely be attributed to the success of the Blackest Night storylines which took plenty of accolades in the world of comic books.

Several projects are on the rise in Hollywood in keeping with the new trend.  TV Guide reports that a new zombie show is coming to network television.  The CW is working to bring forth an hour-long weekly drama called “Awakening”.  The new series will focus on a sibling rivalry between two sisters which sparks amidst a “zombie uprising”.  While the concept sounds somewhat weak and will probably be a bit too contrived given the network to which the property belongs (The CW also runs 90210 and Gossip Girl), it will likely get surprising (to me) ratings along with the phenomenon known as Supernatural (which I still don’t understand why people enjoy) and The Vampire Diaries (ditto).  The CW is obviously hoping that they can find a way to work teen angsty drama into a script which includes lust for brains… ironic, because in other CW shows, the characters care very little for the brains of their of-the-moment infatuation.

A movie version of Sense And Sensibility And Zombies is also in the works, turning the one-off zombie-retelling of the Jane Austin classic into a feature film.

For those of you who much prefer vampires to zombies (which wouldn’t take much, as zombies don’t talk and typically have personalities about as big as their respective roles in a particular film – I’ve only seen a half-dozen zombie characters who actually get names), Hollywood hasn’t given up on the undead.  In addition to the two-part finale of the Twilight Saga still yet to hit theaters (Breaking Dawn Parts I and II, for those of you looking to avoid accidentally seeing the female-centric vampire chronicles), Hollywood is also working on adapting “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”.  Another in the string of books which reimagine classic works of literature (along with Android Karenina and the afformentioned Sense), Lincoln has already cast its leading man.

Just in case you were thinking that a Vampires vs Zombies project could be interesting, you’re in luck.  McG (Chuck, Charlie’s Angels, Terminator Salvation) has picked up a project along those lines for his production company.

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