One of the features on that I tend to enjoy is when they chronicle behind the scenes moments leading up to an event, especially when it’s with a competitor I’m a fan of like C.M. Punk or Mickie James.

It has been a while since I listed out my favorite wrestlers, but I know who is at the top of my all-time list:  Bret Hart

That’s why I’m glad that captured the opportunity to get a Bret Hart Wrestlemania 26 Diary this year, which is likely to be the last Wrestlemania event Bret Hart is involved in, at least as a competitor.

If you’re not familiar with the diaries, essentially a competitor is followed around in their travels by a photographer and a chronicler, documenting what the person does.  About a dozen photos are published on the site along with accompanying explanations of what transpired – typically well written.

For this diary, it’s going to span five days.  The first one is already posted, and it includes Bret’s travels to Arizona, some interactions with fans at a Make-A-Wish event, some interaction with other WWE employees and a bit about his artwork.

Definitely recommend giving it a look if you’re a wrestling fan, or if you’re even partially interested in seeing what it’s like behind-the-scenes for the men and women of professional wrestling.