First and foremost, I’ll be live-blogging SummerSlam  here at, with my typical “Questions Stemming From…” style mixed in with some general comments.  I’ll be updating it as the night goes on, so keep checking back in to get my perspective on the action as it occurs.

SummerSlam is just hours away, and WWE’s final offering prior to the Summer Spectacular pay per view is the August 13th Smackdown.  What questions will arise to take us to the pay per view, and what are the questions which still exist prior to the big event?

Let’s dive right in.

When Vickie Guerrero is trying to reprimand her kids at home and she says “Excuse Me”, do they boo her?

Does she get a sense of accomplishment when her kids boo the “Excuse Me” statement, feeling like she’s “over” enough that it carried over at home, too?

Will we be getting Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler for a fourth straight week?  That’s what happens if they book it for SummerSlam.

How creepy is it to see Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler flirt with one another?

There we have it, Kofi vs Dolph yet again.  Dolph is on a three week

Wow, Rey Mysterio faces Dolph Ziggler tonight, so he goes a third straight week with a third different opponent?  Swagger, McIntyre, now Ziggler?  Does Rey have ANY chance at SummerSlam?

Finally, Kane gets a warm-up match for SummerSlam, and it’s against Kofi Kingston.  Is it possible that Kofi is the only person on Smackdown who ISN’T afraid of facing Kane?  Everyone else seems to shy away.

Will Kofi Kingston’s ankle-injury play a role in his SummerSlam match against Dolph Ziggler?  I wouldn’t put it past WWE to just ignore it.

How said is it that Christian, former TNA World Champion and former ECW Champion, has sunk to the level where losing to him would make someone a “disappointment” like Dolph Ziggler claimed Cody Rhodes would be if he couldn’t beat Christian on Smackdown?  It has been months before Christian vied for any championship at all, and at that point it was the Intercontinental title.  He hasn’t even sniffed the world title on Smackdown, so he’s not exactly on top of the world.

Why is it not a disqualification when Cody Rhodes kicks Christian between the legs?  Even if he connected with the abdominals, his shin still connected with Christian’s nuts.

If Big Show’s right hand is injured, why was he using that hand to give high fives to the crowd as he walked to the ring?  Not smart… though I don’t think it’s going to affect him against these three independent journeyman wrestlers.

So essentially Big Show broke his hand but it doesn’t limit him at all?  Big punch, chokeslam, both still working fine.

With Kelly Kelly being best friends with Tiffany, how ironic is it that Kelly Kelly wished Matt Hardy good luck on his way to a match with Drew McIntyre (Tiffany’s real life husband)?

How frustrated must Drew McIntyre be that he challenged MVP to a match, only to lose?

Given the recap video of all of Alberto Del Rio’s hype videos, does that mean he’s going to debut soon?

WWE answers my question:  Next week, Alberto Del Rio finally shows up.

What would Kane have done for a SummerSlam opponent if he had put Rey Mysterio into the casket on Smackdown?

Big Questions Remaining for SummerSlam:

Who will be Team WWE’s 7th member?  Will The Great Khali recover?  Will there need to be a substitution?  Evan Bourne?  The Miz?  TRIPLE H?  Bryan Danielson?

Is there any chance that at SummerSlam, the Nexus guys remember that there’s a SECOND WWE brand that airs on Friday, and they start targeting Smackdown?  Both brands will be at the pay per view, this could be a good chance to broaden their horizons.

Could we possibly see CM Punk try to hit the Go 2 Sleep on Big Show during SummerSlam, assisted by Gallows & Mercury?

With rumors that Tiffany has been suspended by WWE due to allegations of domestic abuse (apparently she’s married to Drew McIntyre and the police got called and he had been attacked), does that mean Kelly Kelly & Tiffany won’t be facing LayCool at the pay per view (as has been rumored)?  Will Kelly Kelly get a new partner, or will they just scrap it all together?

Having faced a variety of opponents over the past four weeks, none of them being Kane, is there any chance that Rey Mysterio is going to regain the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam?

Will The Undertaker make his presence known at all to signal his eventual return and a probable feud with Kane?

Before Undertaker returns, will Kane decide that Mysterio wasn’t the one to blame and continue to find other people to accuse of attacking the Undertaker?

Why can’t Kane blame a member of Nexus (or the entire group)?  Aren’t they the most likely assailants?

If Kofi Kingston loses to Dolph Ziggler for the fourth straight time in four consecutive weeks, could he finally just move on?

Is it possible that if Kofi Kingston moves on from Dolph Ziggler, he could actually use that situation to move UP the card and start working his way into the main event against guys like Jack Swagger?