In one of the four prior articles in the Film Quest 12 series, I told you what I’m doing. I established why the movies on my list aren’t necessarily all “guy movies”, so if you wonder what you’re reading, go check it out (the link earlier in this run-on sentence).

Let’s get down to business with the political puppet drifter dealers with benefits

25. Ides of March

It’s a great political thriller… if you’re into political thrillers. I went into the movie thinking it would transcend the genre… but it really didn’t. Fun to see Ryan Gosling and George Clooney acting off of one another… though it was a shame that the script had them as distinctly separate in terms of their power, as the scenes sorta played out that way instead of them being somewhat equals.

26. Holy Rollers

I was hoping to get more of the Jesse Eisenberg magic, but this indie flick felt like an indie flick. It had a decent script with a few interesting characters, but with the premise they had, it could’ve been a lot better. Even thinking back on it, I’m looking at my watch waiting for it to end. Not a terrible way to spend an evening, but I probably wouldn’t be able to watch it again.

27. Hang ‘Em High

The premise as it unfolded in the first 25 minutes of the film set me up for a decent time, but as it played out, I felt like I had been setup. Nothing special about a movie I thought was supposed to be a “classic”. I suppose if you like westerns, you might enjoy this more than I did, but I was left underwhelmed.

28. The Muppets

They certainly found an interesting way to jumpstart the series again. Although typically I enjoy the Muppet caper films the most out of the series, there was a lot I liked in this one, and I’m guessing most guys will find it to be an alright movie.

29. Friends with Benefits

It’s safe to say I’m a bigger fan of Justin Timberlake than I am of Ashton Kutcher, and I’d probably give the slight edge to Mila Kunis over Natalie Portman in terms of sex appeal, so there was never a question that I was going to enjoy this film more than No Strings Attached. I also came to find out during the viewing that Friends With Benefits had a much better script with a few scenes that were vastly more entertaining than anything from the Portman / Kutcher offering. It’s not a GREAT film, but it’s definitely worth your time.

30. Book Of Eli

I had no idea what I was getting into with this flick, and I was blown away. I’ll put this on my list of “films that guys should see but probably haven’t  yet” because it was THAT good. I won’t say anything else about this film other than to say it’s a great premise, it plays out really well and it’s not too violent that anyone should avoid it.

Potential Nominees

Best Picture: Book Of Eli

Best Actor: Denzell Washington (Book of Eli)

Best Actor: Ryan Gosling (Ides of March)

Best Supporting Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman (Ides of March)

Best Supporting Actress: Evan Rachel Wood (Ides of March)

Best Supporting Actor: Gary Oldman (Book of Eli)

Biggest Disappointment: Hang Em High

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