The only thing I’m hearing this off-season about the Washington Nationals is how people want Stephen Strasburg on the opening day roster simply because he pitched well in a few outings this spring.

Many websites, including the, feel that the Nationals are making the wrong move in sending Strasburg down to the minors. The aforementioned site stated that it’s a “lame” argument to say Strasburg should not be brought directly into the major leagues.

Simply because Strasburg had a good ERA this spring doesn’t mean he is ready to be thrust into the rotation as a regular starter, nor is his success in AA thus far significant at all. I don’t care if Strasburg did pitch 4 innings in an intra-squad game and amass 9 strike outs. That’s AA. I’d much rather he stay in the minor leagues, get a bit of low-pressure seasoning in games that don’t matter, have his pitch count closely monitored, and get him as a huge addition to the rotation for late summer at the earliest or even wait until next season.

Sites like the DC Pro Sports Report fail to see the examples of Kerry Wood in Chicago whereby a pitcher is rushed onto the scene, has a great first year and fizzles into a lost cause in the years to follow, plagued by injury.

Remember promising young pitcher Jordan Zimmermann? Maybe not, since he’s still recovering from Tommy John Surgery from July 2009, which will keep him out of action until at least July of this year according to Nationals coaches. He was rushed up to play for the Nationals, how did that work out?

I would much rather wait a year for Stephen Strasburg to play for Washington’s MLB club, and in return have a starter who contributes to the Nationals for the better part of a decade.

If fans want something to get excited about, they should consider looking at the addition of Jason Marquis and Chien-Ming Wang to the rotation, Ivan Rodriguez at catcher (who has a knack for making pitchers better), and Matt Capps as a viable reliever.