Ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved the sci-fi shows on TV.  I have seen many come and go that I loved and was vastly disappointed when they were cancelled.  Some of the standouts were the following: UFO (that is what I remember the show as), Battlestar Gallactica (70’s version), Space: Above and Beyond, and Firefly.   So when I first heard about Falling Skies, I was skeptical.  Did I really want to get interested in a show that might get cancelled?  I perked up when I realized that this was being produced by Steven Spielberg and that the show was going to air on TNT.  This show was going to be away from the typical, fickle television audience.  Then I saw a good preview and the CG looked very good.  So, I set the DVR.

I really liked that they set the story in motion after the initial alien attacks on the world and the resistance is mounting.  The main storyline revolves around Noah Wyle and his family.  He is a former history professor who has lost his wife.  He has two sons with him and one that has been captured by the aliens.  I do not like to post spoilers so I am working to avoid giving too much away.  That said, I am very please with Noah’s performance and to me, it is very believable.  The supporting cast is doing their job and I particularly like the performance of Will Patton (of Armageddon and The Postman).

The setup is great too and I think is very believable.  The group has to scrounge for food, weapons, and other resources just to survive all the while avoiding the Skitters and Mechs (watch the show and you will understand).  Then, week two took the hunt for Noah Wyle’s character in another direction and I really like it where it is going.  If you are a sci-fi fan, tune in Sunday nights on TNT; it’s worth the watch.

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