September is more than half way over.

Football is back in the American consciousness. The NHL is officially in lockout mode. The NBA will be back relatively soon. It’s an election year and September and October are the home stretches for each candidate, hoping to come out of the fray triumphant, and into the Oval Office for four years.

Through all of this madness sits Major League Baseball and the absolute havoc being wreaked by its teams in very entertaining fashion.

We have the Baltimore Orioles, 10 games back of first-place New York exactly two months ago today, sitting a mere half-game on this windy Tuesday here in the nations capitol.

The Oakland Athletics sitting a mere 3 games back of 2-time defending AL Champion Texas Rangers. The A’s were predicted by most to win 70 games, maybe 75 if they were lucky.

The Detroit Tigers, although they have stumbled of late, are still only 3 games out of first behind the Chicago White Sox.

The American League is wide open with no clear cut favorites. Three teams sit behind the O’s for the second Wild Card with the Tampa Bay Rays bringing up the rear in that group only 5.5 games out. Each division could be switching leaders in the next few days, and in the case of the AL East, it could switch hands tonight. There are five playoff spots, with eight teams more than capable of claiming one.

The National League is a different story entirely.

The Cincinnati Reds sit a comfortable eleven games in first in the NL Central.

The Giants have pulled away from the Dodgers sitting eight and a half games clear of L.A.

The Atlanta Braves are trying one last desperate time to catch the Nationals for the NL East crown. They sit 5 games back after a sweep of the Nationals this past weekend, and gaining another half-game last night with a win over the Miami Marlins.

The Braves have a strangle-hold on the top Wild Card spot with a 7.5 game cushion over second Wild Card leading St. Louis.

Four teams sit a combined, that’s right, a COMBINED 9.5 games behind the Cardinals. Now, I will not be the only one in the world who does not want the Cardinals or the hard charging Phillies in that second spot. But that’s a personal vendetta against these teams that I do not want to steer this article towards. There are plenty of Phillies and Cardinals fans out there who do not want to read about how much I already despise the Phillies, and how I am still bearing scars from last season’s collapse to St. Louis.

Instead, I will steer this toward everyone wrapped up in football and anyone only casual about baseball and tell them this:

If you are a self-respecting sports fan at all, you will turn your eye toward baseball. After all, why do we continue to watch these sports year in and year out? Why do we spend countless hours pouring over stats, history, hot streaks, cold streaks, missed calls, missed opportunities, and everything else that comes with being a sports fan? There is one simple answer folks.

The drama.

We can’t get enough of it. We tear our hair out because of it. Lose hope, and gain hope with each passing moment. We vow to never watch these “morons”, “bums”, “losers”, and whatever other colorful nickname we choose to give them after a loss. We swear we never wavered from them or ever lost hope when everything goes right and we win.

We love the drama.

We love the drama so much we relive moments on ESPN Classic, and replays of long past playoff games on the major sports networks because we want to remember what it was like when we watched it the first time. We YouTube past glories of our respective teams we are so obsessed with the drama. And we do remember how we felt that first time, we do.

That’s why you need to turn your eye to baseball. There is drama each and every day. Particularly in the American League. Divisions and Wild Cards all up for grabs that change hands every week.

People say there is nothing like a playoff football game. A do or die winner take all fight. I say different.

Watch the drama of every fan waning on each every pitch that is thrown. Everyone, including all the higher ups, of these teams on the edge of their seat every time a pitch is about to be thrown. The pitch that will make or break the game.

If you think baseball has no drama and is forever boring, you obviously did not watch the 2011 World Series where the Cardinals were down to their last strike, twice and somehow won the game after being down multiple runs each time they went down to their very last strike.

The 2001 World Series when the Yankees were finally beaten after three straight years on top. Luis Gonzalez cracking that little flare over a drawn in Yankees infield against the most dominant closer of all time in Mariano Rivera. After being down in the series 3-2 all of Arizona and New York’s fans hung on the balance of that one single pitch that propelled Arizona to a 4-3 series win and their first World Series title.

The 2004 ALCS. Yankees were up 3-0 on their enemy the Boston Red Sox and squandered it, becoming the first, and still only, team in the history of the game to lose a best-of-seven series after winning the first three games. Boston would go on to sweep the Cardinals in four games and their first World Series in 86 years. I could go and on but I don’t think I need to.

And if you still think baseball is boring, well just look at last September when the Braves and Red Sox each held seemingly insurmountable leads for their respective Wild Cards at 8.5 and 9.5 games a piece at the beginning of the month, only to sit out of the playoffs when the month ended.

Those were regular season games that meant more to some, including myself, than any NFL playoff game.

There is something about baseball drama that is different. You are not bound by time clocks. Only three outs. A comeback is always possible because you can never run out of time in the midst of a big inning. Only outs. You can be down by 8 runs halfway through the game and can tie it two hours later in the next inning. No time. Only outs.

We love the drama.

Discover the drama and the absolute nerve-wracking game of baseball. Discover what it feels like to lose a playoff game one night, and then come back two nights later and turn momentum in your teams favor. You can’t be down 2 games to 0 in football and still win. Still win when everyone counted you out. It ain’t over til the other team has won 4 games in baseball. That’s beauty of it. The drama can unfold over a 2-week, 7-game span. A four-hour football game is supposed to be more exciting than that? Hardly.

Discover the drama.

Discover the drama because the Orioles and Athletics, whose combined payroll is just a shade over 136 million dollars, could potentially win their divisions against the Yankees and Rangers whose combined payrolls exceed 318 million.

We love to watch underdogs in this country, especially in our sports. Why not start here and now with both of these teams and see where the drama takes us from there?