Why EVERLY wasn’t better promoted, I don’t know. Something about the movie has an “indie” feel to it, but in every other way, this is a badass flick, and Salma Hayek completely delivers.


Taken against her will, locked in an apartment for years and abused, Everly (Hayek) manages to kill her current captors, but one of the individuals responsible for her situation is threatening her mother and daughter. Now she must find a way to make the situation right, and it involves a considerable amount of killing.

Killing done largely with style.

The film is full of style. The cinematography, the set design choices, the lighting, it’s all beautiful. And natural. Nothing in the film feels forced or over dramatic. It feels like, given her situation, someone like Everly could absolutely accomplish what she accomplishes, killing dozens of people, many of whom are killers.

everly_hentai_zpsgszwaqvqThis film could easily be compared to KILL BILL, and it stacks up rather nicely. Though Tarantino had more style and better dialogue, stacking up to be a very entertaining film, there’s plenty to like about EVERLY, including Salma Hayek’s performance.

She’s nowhere near as skilled in martial arts as The Bride (Uma Thurmon, KILL BILL), and the fight scenes aren’t as elaborate or as highly choreographed. They are also not as brutal as the violence and gore as what Tarantino provides. To some, EVERLY might be a more enjoyable watch than the KILL BILL films, simply because the violence and gore is on a smaller scale.

Remember, they had to show some scenes from KILL BILL in black and white due to the graphic nature of the scenes.

There’s certainly plenty of grit, bruises, blood and vomit. It’s artfully done, though, like the grenade thrown into an elevator just before the doors close, and only part of the explosion is shown and a bit of the blood spray makes it through the doors as they shut. Or the echoing clanging of the metal bowl in the kitchen, hit by a bullet after it rips through its target, breaking the silence. The sword which effortlessly rips through a neck, the head falling two seconds later. There are a couple scenes of torture that aren’t for the faint-hearted.


At the age of 49, the condition Salma Hayek is in should shatter any notions of what looks good “for a 50 year old woman”. She’s hot, easily as good looking as she has been for the entirety of her career.


There are a couple plot points I’m leaving out of the review, one that’s realized in the first couple minutes of the film, and I never give away the ending of a movie, but they absolutely add to the film. Director Joe Lynch and writer Yale Hannon put together a badass flick. I can absolutely recommend this movie to anyone who’s not afraid of a serious amount of blood and killing, especially when it’s so artfully presented. I hope they put together a sequel. Anyone who saw and enjoyed THE RAID or DREDD should put this on their “must watch” list.

My rating: 85 out of 100

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