I know it’s been common knowledge that Epic swooped in to save Big Huge Games a few months ago, but things have become official last week as the new studio name was unveiled and also what they’re working on. The former ‘Big Huge’ is now known as Impossible Games and let me just say that they have one of the best company logos I’ve ever seen. Check it out:

Pretty badass right? Unicorn, Pegasus bear or as I like to call them, Bearicornus. So now the big question is, what are they working on? We all remember that they were the group responsible for the only title to hit store shelves from the now defunct 38 Studios with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Well, the first task for the guys in Hunt Valley, Maryland is to work on Infinity Blade: Dungeon which is coming for iOS devices set to release later this year.

Really happy for the former Big Huge games folks. Things really turned around from them after that nightmare earlier this year. And hey, since they’re working on Infinity Blade that should free up CHAiR to work on Shadow Complex 2, right?

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