I ain’t breakin’ ground by saying that the Eagles been the dominant team in the past decade in the NFC East.  I love my Redskins, but seriously, those Philly boys been the ones to beat.  I love wins over Dallas more than anything, but the playoffs been through Philly.  If you make the playoffs that’s either because you’re better than Philly this year or because the Birds folded in having an off year.  They’ve been that way because of stability, because they got some good lineman and a few franchise players that helped take them from year to year along with some great coaching.

Bryan Westbrook is a great player, but his future in Philly is to have his #36 retired.  As much as he added to that team, the heart and soul was Donovan McNabb, and I said “was” because they’re trying to trade him off.  Why?  Because they got Kevin Kolb in the draft a couple season ago, and then last year they picked up on Michael Vick.  Three good quarterbacks on the team and they say “Can’t cut or trade Kolb, he’s our future” and for some reason they also can’t see parting ways with ole Snoop Doggy Vick.  That leaves McNabb on the trading block, which surprises me because he’s been there through the great years, 8 playoffs in 10 years.  That’s a winner right there.

He’s getting up on in years, though, so the Eagles management want to move on to the young guy.  Somebody go ask Brett Favre if this is sounding familiar.  Only in Philly, Donovan’s not tryin’ to go anywhere.  His coach Andy Reid, he’s not trying to send McNabb anywhere either.

The fans up in Philly, the vocal ones who spit on you if you wear the Away Team tshirt in their stadium, they don’t have half a damn clue about what they want.  During the off-season, they’re saying “get rid of Donny Mc, he’s getting old”, but when the season’s going and he’s orchestrating some victories, they’re more than happy to let #5 stick around, and they’d like to ship Kolb or Vick out.

Now some teams are comin’ around like Arizona, San Francisco, Oakland and Minnesota talking about how they’re trying to get McNabb, and at first Andy Reid instituted his powers as head coach and said he wasn’t going to let it happen, but now it seems like they’re talking about how much price it would cost.

I’ll tell you what you have to do, if you’re Philly and you want to get rid of him.  You find a team which is going to need a quarterback AND a new head coach and you send McNabb there.  Sure, he wants a winning team, but the only winning team who is on the list is Minnesota, and Brett Favre is coming back there and they don’t want 4 high priced QB on their roster.  San Fransico could use him but the price isn’t going to be right.

Oakland is gotta be the likely spot, if it’s going to work out the best way for McNabb, because the way I figure it, Andy Reid should be going to the team the year after McNabb gets there.  That’s the way it’ll work.  And Andy Reid might be one of the only guys who can tell Al Davis what to do out there in Oakland to help the Raiders get back to the playoffs.  They’re in a sad division so I don’t see why not.  Reid could out coach San Diego’s Norv Turner twice a year.  It already happened here in DC when Norv was coach of my Redskins.

Maybe after years and years of dealin’ with those nasty Philly fans (ain’t all of them nasty, just the nasty ones), Reid and McNabb might do well to go down to Miami and enjoy the weather.  Bill Parcells would probably be happy to have ’em, and maybe Reid could just be a quarterbacks coach to give him some vacation time.

Maybe I’ve already had a couple cold ones already today, early on a Friday, but that’s the way I see it, that’s the Bud View.