Normally we don’t provide you a list with the DVD releases for a given week, but this week the releases are significant enough that you should know about it.

The Avengers AND The Collectors Edition “Phase One – The Avengers Assembled” Pack of Multiple Films

In case you don’t just want the Blu-ray for The Avengers, you could buy the 4-Disc Blu-ray of the film. Or perhaps you want one huge carrying case with the Iron Man films, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, etc… you could buy their Phase One “Cinematic Universe” pack.


Bond 50

Like boxed sets? How about James Bond? 22 discs gets you all the films all in one big package.

Price: $99.99

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection

This set has 15 films which encompass some of the all-time greats, like Vertigo, North By Northwest, Rear Window, Psycho and more.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

Sure, it didn’t get a theatrical release, but if you’re familiar with any of the animated films in the DC Universe, you’re probably guessing that the quality of this flick is top notch.


Film fanatics have probably heard of these releases that aren’t even on your radar:

Price: $26.83
Price: $10.95

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