Unfortunately I’ve been sick as hell this week and this column totally slipped my mind.

I was 13 and 3 last week. Very strong showing, only getting Miami, Cincinatti, and Tennessee wrong. I’ll be honest I have no idea what Rob did. I know he picked Washington, and Buffalo, and I think he picked the Niners and the Browns. So uhh… did we tie?

I’ll be honest, I have no idea either, and with a busy Turkey Day tomorrow, I want to get my picks done as soon as possible, so I’m not even going to go back and check to see whether my picks were right or not.  I’ll just say that I think we at least tied… unless I beat him, so for now I’ll give him the benefit of saying we tied.

Anyway. A fast and furious run through the NFL Week 12 picks.

New England @ Detroit

One of the NFL’s best, against one of of the teams in the NFL’s bottom 3rd. As if that wasn’t enough? I have way more faith in the Brady and Belichek preparing on a short week.

MY PICK: New England

Rob’s Pick:  No doubt, New England.  If Best and Vanden Bosch were healthy, it might be a different story… but they’re not.

New Orleans @ Dallas

I won’t be absolutely shocked if Dallas wins this game. But New Orleans is the better team. Is getting Reggie Bush back. If Drew Brees can avoid interceptions? This won’t be close. If Brees keeps confusing his opponents for teammates? It could be trouble for the Saints.

MY PICK: New Orleans

Rob’s Pick:  Saints march all over the Cowboys.  Dallas has had a nice little run with their new coach, but I’m going to say they stumble against the reigning Super Bowl champs.  Reality check time.

Cincinatti @ New York Jets

One of the league’s best, versus one of the league’s worst. Cincinatti absolutely gave up after jumping to a large lead last week against Buffalo. Jets keep finding a way to win. This week will be no different.


Rob’s Pick:  Going out on a limb and saying the Bengals will win.  They’ve got a decent team, they just need the pieces in place.  The Jets looked good earlier in the season, but they’ve been really underwhelming in their last 4, three of those games weren’t even against good teams.  I’m looking at Ochocinco and T.O. to go big.

Green Bay @ Atlanta

Atlanta is great at home. Matt Ryan has only lost one game as a starter at home. Green Bay has been looking like the team that many predicted for a Super Bowl run… being the last games for now unemployed coaches: Brad Childress and Wade Phillips. This is a big game, and should be a great one to watch.

MY PICK: Green Bay

Rob’s Pick:  Atlanta, because I’ve got them as my #2 best team in the NFL in the official GuysNation Power Rankings, one spot above the Packers.  The game is in Atlanta, and that’s the difference.

Pittsburgh @ Buffalo

Buffalo is on a win streak! Sadly? The streak stops here. The Bills are no match for the Steelers in any phase of the game.

MY PICK: Pittsburgh

Rob’s Pick:  Steelers win, but Buffalo makes it a decent game… for a half.

In the interest of having our picks up for the Thanksgiving Games prior to their kickoffs, we’re posting our predictions half cocked, and we will follow up with another set of predictions prior to the remainder of Sunday’s games which haven’t been predicted yet.