There are many shows where a survivalist goes out into the wilderness and is left to survive on their own.  This pairing in Dual Survival on Discovery Channel Fridays at 9pm is a very different perspective.  Cody Lundin is a minimalist and primitive skills expert and Dave Canterbury is an Army-trained scout, sniper and hunter.  Their bios can be found on the Discovery Dual Survival web page.  They are very different types of survival experts, but they work excellent as a team.  Cody never wears socks or shoes and seems to be able to get a fire out of nothing, while Dave is hard-charging hunter trapper.

This is the start of season 2 and they start it off with a bang, taking the show to extremes.  They are pretending to be lost hunters and they have a black powder rifle and knives and one waterproof top.  To add to the effect, Dave cuts himself pretty deep to show off cauterizing a wound with black powder.  It was a pretty deep wound and took a lot of guts to make the cut and to light it on fire with black powder, which was ballsy!  Then they did it a second time; you could see Dave shaking from the pain.

Dave scoured the bogs for game to hunt while Cody built a shelter and the shelter was an impressive Teepee like structure woven with sticks and covered with bark and moss.  It was a great make-shift shelter and he made making it look easy.

I enjoyed season one and they were put in some interesting situations including having to find each other in the middle of the desert.  They are so opposite, but both are to be respected for their equal talents across the board.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

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