Last weekend’s movie box office was headlined by movies where people were changing the world. A BUTLER who changes the perspective of a President through service. Ordinary citizens dressing up as superheroes to fight crime and KICK-ASS. A guy named JOBS who had a profound impact on the world of computing and personal entertainment over the course of thirty years.

This weekend, it’s all about drinking and fighting.

Because of how awesome SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ were, my pick to watch over the weekend is THE WORLD’S END, with the hilarious Simon Pegg and friends doing a bar crawl that leads to fighting some crazy alien robots. Alongside the gorgeous Rosamund Pike (seen below, red jacket, not looking her best).

World's End

Also in the world of movies where people get drunk, an independent comedy called DRINKING BUDDIES is also getting released this weekend. Hotties Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick are in it… so I’ll probably see that one, too, and my inebriated state won’t let me remember how much I’m paying for movie tickets.

If fighting is more your thing, you’ve got two options:

  • Horror (YOU’RE NEXT)

If they all sound good, don’t spend too much time (and money) trying to see it all THIS weekend. NEXT weekend doesn’t have anything that looks any good, so you’ll want to save some for then. Though, there’s probably still some movies in the theater which have already hit the box office which you might be interested, so there’s that…


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