Ever heard of Dr Who?  Until a couple years ago, I hadn’t either.  I don’t watch BBC because I don’t get BBC, so despite knowing a little bit about Dr Who, I’ve never seen it.

I’m also a little intimidated by it.  The show has been around since 1963, and although that series ended in 1989 and the current run started back in 2005, it’s my understanding that the things that happened during the first 26 years have ties to the new series.

So I didn’t even try.  There’s plenty of good television shows to watch, and with a busy schedule that includes trying to watch lots of movies, I took Dr Who off of my list of DVDs to be delivered to my house.

Today I stumbled across an article which gives me reason to put Dr Who back into my list.

Apparently you don’t have to go back to 2005 to determine whether the British sci-fi comedy is your cup of tea (see what I did there?  British.  Tea.  Brilliant, right?).  Apparently you can start with 2010 with the new actor portraying The Doctor, a new guy running the show, and something that resembles a slight reboot to help people catch up.

I’m adding it to my delivery queue a minute after I hit the “Publish” button.

If you’re not averse to British science fiction with some comedy thrown in, so should you.

But start with the 2010 “series”.  I will be.

For the reasons WHY, or to get a better education about Dr Who, check out the aforementioned article at Spinoff.

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