When I meet Jimmy Vaughn, I was a young kid at Upward Bound in Mass. I had just started hanging out with his Son, Devin aka Doc Vaporz. Jimmy never looked at me as an outsider, but almost as if I was another son. that meant alot to me since my own father was never really in my life. There is many times I spent a night, made loud music with his son, ate alot of food and stayed up to late hours. But every morning I went down stairs he was there and we talked a lot over a cup of coffee. While Devin was asleep, his Dad helped me get over a lot of issues I had dealing with the lack of father I had. When he past, it felt like I lost a family member. That is because he was and still is family. Just like his son and the rest of the crew. When I found out that Devin had released this project, I had to listen to it and even more I had to review it.

As an artist myself I know the main thing you always wanna do is connect to your listeners by appealing to shared emotions, and that is what this project is. From beginning to end, this ode… is a great reason why people should dig through the music bins and find the unsigned artists. Every once and a while you’ll find a refreshing project that lets you know that there are still those who take pride in their music and still enjoy their craft for the craft itself and not the money.

And as a side note to Devin… who I know is reading this:

I never had a father figure in my life, so I will never understand the lost that you felt. But I saw what you and your Dad had and I realize the pain that you feel. From what I saw, you two had something I could only wonder about and I was jealous of that. But at the same time, I was honored that you both allowed me to see what you had. As a father myself, I think back to those moments and hope that I can spark that same fire in my own son. I know your father will always live through your music. As you will through your sons.

Higher Heights – The first thing you notice about the track is the horns that pepper the track. The second thing you notice is the subject matter. Now, its not about moving into the penthouse at the expensive hotel downtown. It’s about having the bravery to reach for a higher level.

Fake I.D. – My homie, Kinkaide, loves this track. I myself love the way that the vocal sample for the hook doesn’t make over shine the tracks. The subject matter is very simple. Drinking. And the fact that its not this over the top tale of drinking but just the retelling of his experiences drinking is what makes this a head nodding track to play.

Hands Up (feat. Jimmy Fontaine) – I’m a little biased about this track. It features two thirds of the first group I ever recorded with, Forgotten Soulz. Doc and Fontaine have a easy chemistry with each other that has been forged over years and year of working with each other. The melodic flow of the song my not appeal to those of the current era, but for fans of Tribe and Digable Planets this is a great reminder of what hip hop was before the Robitussin and soda.

A Day Above Ground (feat. BK) – When you grew up in the 70s, 80s, 90s, you have a heavy rock influence on your music. this track is a perfect example of that. You add that venomous flow of Doc and that smooth chorus from BK, wrap this track up in a nice little package for you.

Seriously (feat. Mercy, Uncle Suel & Jimmy Fontaine) – On this track you can hear that west coast Dr. Dre influence sprinkled throughout. Doc has no problem holding his own with his partners in crime that appear with him. Each spitter makes sure each verse is heavy enough to match up with the verse that came before theirs.

 Brake – The synthesizer sounds on this track sets a nice tone for the storytelling exhibited on this song. I know what you are saying, storytelling!?! Yes, doc manages to do a song that drenches itself in creativity.

 Take A Look – When the piano chords hit and then mixes with the driving bass, you know that you are in for a ride. And doc doesn’t disappoint you as he weaves another stinging tells of how first views can change before you know it. The song title properly fits that song and the subject matter underlining it.

Jaeger Shots (Butterz Interlude) – Remember when instead of filler tracks, artist used to actually do Interludes. A drunken tale wrapped in a thumping track. Well put together.

The Difference – With an instrumental sounding as if it is an intro to a Dr. Who episode, Doc spits about the grind that he has taken in his path of emcee-hood. Almost as if he is taking tape of himself and his views, Doc’s very toned voice almost take over the track making you realize that sometimes it is all about the voice.

It’s Cool (feat. V!RTU, Madd Hadda & Jimmy Fontaine) – You know the sample used. So it is only right that this track feel like a old skool reunion between old friends.  Doc and his cohorts do that exactly on a track that could easily be a great summer time banger for you to ride to.

 Catch The Vaporz – Doc Vaporz is the name. Being an emcee is the game. And Doc does his best to show this off on this guitar riff driven track. The thing that sticks out to me is that his flow fits snug on the track and makes sure that the lyrics get their proper showcase due.

Sinner – The last track on the album and the closer on this little trip Doc has taken us on is a taste of Doc embracing his darker side. A very interesting take which leaves you with the impression that you are happy, doc uses his mental powers for good and not evil.


In closing, this is a great buy for only 5 dollars. It’s something fresh and different from the current crop of hip hop that is played on the airwaves at this point in time. If you want realer hip hop…then support one of its realer artists.

Click the link below to see the intro/dedication for this project…

Doc Vaporz – A Day Above Ground (Intro/Dedication)