In a continued quest to try as many BBQ chips as possible (I’ll eventually try Sour Cream & Onion varieties, but BBQ gets my attention each time), I looked forward to trying the DIRTY brand Mesquite BBQ chips, especially after the hype I’d heard from a couple of my friends about how good they were.

The mesquite flavor is good. Really good. It’s strong, maybe a tad bit too tangy, but it’s good.

In fact, I had to put down the bag and do the “fold over” a few times to keep myself from eating too many of them.

There’s a little bit of sweetness to these chips, but not as much as some other brands.

If you know what to expect from kettle cooked chips, you know what to expect from these chips (as with other DIRTY varieties we’ll be writing articles about in the near future): good crunch and not too greasy.

For those of you looking at the nutrition facts on the back, you’ll like the fact that the Calories From Fat is less than 50%.

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