A friend of mine (and fellow GuysNation author, J-Day) raved about a brand of potato chips at a local deli he frequents, but I had never heard of the “DIRTY” brand before.  Spotting them at a grocery store, I picked up a few different flavors to give it a try.  I’m starting with the Jalapeno Heat, as I tend to like that variety of chips from other brands.

The flavor is really good, almost like you’re biting into a fresh jalapeno pepper.  The spice is moderately high, but there’s no eye watering involved.  It starts off mild and pleasantly grows over the course of about 10 seconds.  The flavor is baked into the chip, so there’s not a ton of residue left over on your hands aside from a little bit of grease (not enough to make a mark on a piece of paper I grabbed shortly after eating the chips, though).

The one problem I do have with these chips is that they’re cooked in peanut oil, which means people like my nephew with the corresponding allergy can never get to enjoy them, and I can’t eat them with him around.  That’s definitely going to drive me towards other brand options, and truth be told there’s not a huge difference between these chips and Miss Vickie’s, though they’re both phenomenal snacks.