In my quest to try as many different snacks as possible, I was intrigued when I found myself face to face with a flavor from DIRTY Potato Chips called FUNKY FUSION.

Now to some people, they might be scared off from trying a snack that isn’t a traditional flavor. The fact that I didn’t know what to expect when digging into this bag didn’t deter me a bit.

I don’t know how DIRTYs stumbled upon the combination for the FUNKY FUSION chips, but I must commend Chip Master John Shaw in bringing these to market. While I’d stop short at saying it’s a perfect blend, it’s highly enjoyable.

It starts off sweet, with a hint of onion and vinegar, though not enough of either to be a reason to stray from these chips. I’m not a huge fan of Sour Cream & Onion chips… mostly because I hate onions… and as far as the vinegar goes, that’s part of the taste which I couldn’t quite pick out until I looked at the ingredients list and realized what I was tasting.

As you eat a few of the chips and really let the flavors sink in, you really get some of the turmeric and citric acid, giving it a somewhat exotic after-taste.

The one thing I would say to Chip Master Shaw down in Gramercy, Louisiana is that he might want to increase the garlic and smokiness of these chips, which I think could really help to put these over the top as one of the best chips ever.

I’d highly recommend trying these chips, whether you start with the lunch-sized bag, or if you pick up a size big enough for a couple of tastings… or one long enjoyable afternoon on the couch in front of a football game.

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