When I was younger, all I wanted to be was Superman.  Now that Diane Lane is cast to be in the upcoming MAN OF STEEL, I’ve changed my mind.  It would just be too creepy.

Talk about a MILF.  (If you don’t understand the term MILF, stop reading right now)

Though she looks too young and hot for the part, Diane Lane was cast to portray Martha Kent, the adoptive mother of Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El.  Christopher Nolan and David S Goyer are more than welcome to take whatever spin on the script they choose, and I trust them to do a knockout job with it, but I’d hope that they realize that this version of Martha Kent is about a generation younger than any of the other incarnations I’ve ever seen, aside from Anette O’Toole on Smallville.

The way she looked in the movie Secretariat does give some credence to the fact that she could be made to look like someone who could be the mother to someone in their 20’s, which is roughly the age Superman would have to look in this movie, but I’d have trouble believing it could be taken any further than that.

I have no issue at all with her acting ability.  She’d probably be great for the role – just like she is in everything I’ve seen her in.  Maybe she’s no Merryl Streep, but that’s not what this role calls for.

Whatever the case, I’ll be happy to see her in MAN OF STEEL, but it’ll just feel awkward, no matter how much make-up they put on her.

Seriously, how can you look at this picture below and not just think “HOT”. Maybe if you’re a woman who isn’t capable of seeing other women as being “HOT”.

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