He got into the game as an active competitor late in the game (at the age of 38), but even in a shorter in-ring tenure than most, Diamond Dallas Page had a great career which would warrant him a spot in my Wrestling Hall Of Fame (which I’m working on).

Here are some of his top feuds:

The Undertaker

The angle started out great: someone was stalking The Undertaker’s wife, putting The Dead Man on the defensive for one of the first times in his career. Then when WWE decided to let the fans know who the stalker was, they destroyed the feud by having Undertaker destroy DDP in a one-sided feud. If I could go back in time and change the direction WWE went in 10 feuds, this would be one of them.





The unfortunate match


Scott Steiner

The final days of WCW focused on Booker T, Scott Steiner, DDP and Jeff Jarrett, and some of the best moments involved Steiner and DDP. It might not have been a great feud, but it was a vital time at the end of one of the top wrestling companies in the history of the business.

Jeff Jarrett

For various reasons, DDP finally got to the top of the card in WCW, and with the World Championship on the line, DDP feuded with Jeff Jarrett. Any feud where one person’s wife turns on them and sides with the opponent, it kicks it up a few notches in terms of intensity.


Hogan And Dennis Rodman

It might not have been a long feud, but it did give DDP more mainstream exposure, as he teamed up with NBA Hall Of Famer Karl Malone. And this partnership was way better than any Jay Leno involvement.

Three-Way Feud with Raven and Chris Benoit

Having watched wrestling since the late 1980’s, there are feuds that stand out in my mind as my all time favorites, rivalries which I’ll never forget. This is one of them, and it cemented all three of them on my Top 10 all-time favorite competitors due to their ability to tell a story in the ring.



Part I of the Falls Count Anywhere match


“Macho Man” Randy Savage

Savage had a way of taking a feud and making it very heated and forcing viewers to take notice. He did that with Ric Flair, Crush and Diamond Dallas Page. Though Macho Man deserves a lot of credit for his ability to elevate things, DDP did his share of the work with some great performances on the mic, in the ring and all over the arena.