During the NFL Draft this week, I was disheartened to learn that the Washington Redskins had traded quarterback Jason Campbell to the Oakland Raiders.

Will the Washington Redskins be a better team in 2010 with Donovan McNabb as the starting QB instead of Jason Campbell?  Probably, though it depends how durable and mistake-prone McNabb is this season.  Make no bones about it, out of all the needs the Washington Redskins had this off-season, Quarterback was NOT at the top.

I don’t need people to tell me that a 4-12 team likely has issues at Quarterback.  Sure, Jason Campbell hasn’t ever made the Pro Bowl, but at times he looked like he might.  And it’s not like an NFL team has to have a Pro Bowl quarterback to win a division – which is what the Redskins’ goal should be for 2010.

Jason Campbell wasn’t treated kindly by the Washington Redskins, constantly looking elsewhere to “improve” at the position, even when the “upgrade” wouldn’t constitute an improvement in quality of play, like when they attempted to bring in Jay Cutler, a strong armed quarterback whose decision making skills, maturity and leadership skills are highly questionable.

I’m assuming that if Jason Campbell can ever find himself in a system where the offensive coordinator position isn’t changing on him every year (he’s had 8 in the past 10 years – counting college), he could be a really good quarterback.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to win a Super Bowl before his career is over.  Lesser players have done so in his position, two of whom did so in Washington D.C.

As the last bit of proof that the front office in Ashburn didn’t care much for Jason Campbell, you can site the fact that they’d rather have Rex Grossman as McNabb’s backup, but you need only look at the pathetic value for which they traded him away:  a FOURTH ROUND DRAFT PICK… FOR THE 2012 draft!

I can’t think of a situation where I’d root for another team to defeat the Washington Redskins, but the next time Jason Campbell comes to town wearing a different set of colors other than the Burgundy & Gold, I’ll cheer when he throws a touchdown.