From some authors, you know what to expect when they publish a book. Names like John Grisham, Michael Crichton, Stieg Larsson are just a few authors who have strong followings of loyal readers, but two of the three of them are no longer able to produce new material. Larsson brought his MILLENIUM trilogy regarding The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo onto the scene and captivated readers not just with his intriguing and complex fictional world, but also with the fact that he scored a hit with his first novel.

Finding the next exciting author is something a lot of readers actively seek out, so when a novel is published with an intriguing concept, there’s always the potential that it’s going to get a lot of attention.

Enter Jimmy Petrosino, whose debut novel “The Dean’s List” was recently published by Diversion Books.

Preliminary details about the book certainly make the case that this novel could gain a considerable following, especially if the intent is for this to be the first in a series of stories in the same world. Initial plot details describe the story as centering around organized crime weaved amongst the Greek system of fraternities in a college setting.

Being called “The Godfather Meets The Social Network” does set things up for some lofty expectations, as both of those books are held in high regard due to the Academy Award nominated films which they brought about. The fact that Petrosino’s family includes members of the New York Police department, Jimmy likely has quite a few true stories which he heard over the dinner table throughout the years from which to draw upon for realistic inspiration.

Even as a person who doesn’t read many books, I’m interested in checking out The Dean’s List, and seeing that it’s available at the very reasonable price of $2.99 (as shown below), I’m tempted to download it and check it out without even getting more information about it. Heck, I’ve paid more than that for late fees at the local video store and the library.

Price: $2.99

For more information about The Dean’s List or to purchase the eBook, you can view its page on the Diversion website, through its official site on Facebook, or hopefully through an interview with Jimmy Petrosino in the coming weeks here on GuysNation.

You can follow Jimmy Petrosino on Twitter (@jimmypetrosino)