Holy Chimichanga, Deadpool was f@#king awesome!

If that sentence makes you squirm at the foul language, then holy s#!t don’t go see Deadpool, because that sort of swearing is everywhere, only they don’t bleep or censor a f^*king thing in that flick!

The Merc With A Mouth hit the screen a few years ago for a team-up with Wolverine, and it was terrible, and this was the exact opposite! In fact, hold up, strike that, if THAT Deadpool had a love-child with Ryan Reynolds’ other foray into a well-known superhero role, Green Lantern, and the thing had a CGI suit, THAT would be the exact opposite of what they put together here!

For (an indeterminate amount of time which was longer than you’d probably think), Ryan Reynolds has been lobbying to get a proper Deadpool movie done. Apparently Hollywood didn’t like the idea of a Rated R superhero flick, but he fought the good fight so he could be the anti-hero and show studios that a potty-mouth’ed, sword-and-gun wielding snarky killer could still draw in a profit.

Now not only has Deadpool earned a ton of money… like, sequel guaranteed after the second weekend, all-time top earning Rated R flick likely in its first six weeks LOTS of money… but also, they made a damn good flick that was funny as all hell.

Yeah, I didn’t try to censor that one. Not nearly as profane as shit or fuck.

Ah, see what I did there? I got so wrapped up in Deadpool that I forgot that I probably shouldn’t swear in movie review write-ups.

So the flick is bad-ass, no doubt about it. Whether it’s sword-play or the gun-slinging or the hand-to-hand dust-ups or the cameos or the side characters, I’m looking forward to seeing this one again… and I rarely do that… in the theater!

Okay, so I did that with The Force Awakens, but c’mon, it’s Star Wars…

I kept seeing in the advertisements that this was something of a love story, and being somewhat familiar with the profane character and having heard how bloody violent it was, I laughed. I figured they were intentionally f**king with people in the hopes that they’d like it anyway (which most of them probably did), but what I didn’t expect was that they actually wove a decent love story into the film.

I know, right?!


The chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin is quality. She has some lines in the film which are totally distant from anything the housewife she played on Homeland would say, or the coroner on Gotham would say, or the concubine on Firefly would say.

That’s right, you heard me. Not even as a whore would I expect the lines Baccarin gave, but she seemed totally natural giving them, and yet, she remained totally hot in a not-always-slightly-dirty type of way.

In short, the two fit together like unique puzzle pieces…

Yeah, I went there.

The villains were pretty damn cool, and not just because of the types of torture they inflicted, which were some imaginative options, might I add. I’m too lazy to look up the main baddie’s name, but his sidekick was actually decently performed by Gina Carano. Not HAYWIRE type good, but decent.

The inclusion of Colossus and some mutant whose name I’m too lazy to look up were great additions to the flick, to the point where I’m really looking forward to whatever sequel is planned. Even if it does feature the teenage girl mutant whose name I’m too lazy to look up, because it was a bad-ass character… wayyyyy more bad-ass than for which I was prepared.

(yeah, even in this sub-optimal movie review, I’m doing my best not to end a sentence with a preposition.)


The other side characters hit the mark as well. Whether it was TJ Miller’s bartender, or the lady with whom Deadpool shacks up, or even the recurring taxi driver who had better be in the sequel, whoever wrote these characters did a great job.

I almost didn’t want to write more after that last sentence, because it hit 669 words and that would’ve been a fitting end. I might even go back and edit it down to end with 669 words, but I probably won’t because I’m not that juvenile… but this film, at moments, seems a bit juvenile, but that’s part of the appeal of the character. And even people with whom I’ve talked about Deadpool who thought it was a bit juvenile STILL said they liked the flick.

And why shouldn’t they? It was awesome. Perhaps the best Marvel flick yet… though I’ll have to sleep on it.

My initial rating: 95 out of 100

Yeah, I definitely reserve the right to come back and change that after I’ve seen it again, but it was one of the most fun movies I’ve seen in a long time, great action, hot chicks, dangerous chicks, bad-ass fight scenes… did I mention it was funny?


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