Likely sparked by the success of various properties by their main competitor, MARVEL, there have been significant changes at DC Comics. In addition to The New 52 revamping of their titles, a large effort to reach gamers with DC UNIVERSE ONLINE and an effort to bring more characters to theaters in live-action offerings, they’re now changing their logo concept.

The basic concept of the new logo conveys the idea of the turning of a page, pulling away the D to reveal the C, and as you can see, there are a few variations on the theme. There’s no direct indication that these are the only six logos DC will use for its comics or other forms of entertainment, but it is highly conceivable that endless variations might be utilized.  Already they’ve displayed a focus on the popular GREEN LANTERN character with the glowing design (bottom row, middle in above) as well as the lesser recognizable WATCHMEN (bottom row, right).

In its history two distinct logos have represented DC Comics. The classic logo, seen on the right, debuted in 1976 and accompanied comic books for nearly 30 years. Its design conveys the sense that one is looking at the flat-bottomed portion of a bullet. It replaced a logo which was essentially a rip-off of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoe logo, which had in its design the tagline “The Line Of Super Stars”.

The more recent version – nicknamed DC Spin – debuted just 6 years ago. While still incorporating a star and something of a circular aspect to its design, the DC Spin logo didn’t provide anything in the way of allowing various versions of the logo to incorporate aspects of the various characters under the DC creative banner.

What say you?