Part 2 of our look at the Life and Times of Mr. Perfect looks at the special features on this set.

Special Features: This set has no shortage on features, I’m going to break them up into a couple different groups. Two matches are included as special features, but I’m going to include them in my match review section of this article.

Vignettes: Vignettes are short videos with the goal of getting over a character or storyline. In October of 1988 WWE filmed a series of vignettes with Mr. Perfect centered around various sports to introduce him and show just how prefect he was. They would air more of these videos over the years for a total of 14 videos, all of which are included on this set. The later videos also had appearances by pro sports stars like Steve Jordan, Mike Modano, Felton Spencer, and Wade Boggs. Wade Boggs would be the man that would later induct Curt Hennig into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

My favorite of the original set of videos is the one with Perfect scoring a 300 game bowling, they followed up with a second set of videos in 89 my favorite of these is Mr. Perfect at the pool. He does a series of dives then climbs out of the pool still chewing his gum and spits it out and swats it. In 1993 another series of videos with filmed and this includes my favorite of all the Perfect sports vignettes. Perfect is throwing the football to Minnesota Viking Steve Jordan, than says watch this. he throws the ball all the way down the field runs and catches it himself. It was played up over the top, but it came across great, especially with real sports stars of the time putting perfect over.

Stories: The special features include two short stories about Mr. Perfect told by his peers. The first is about Curt’s love of karaoke. It’s starts with Wade telling a story of the two of them doing a duet, then Dusty Rhodes follows up with how Curt loved to sing country and thought he was good, but couldn’t carry a tune, and compared him to Dick Murdoch singing. Guess Curt isn’t Perfect at everything.

The next story is about Mr. Perfect being on Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous. The story is told by Brock Lesnar and he explains that the stuff used for the video wasn’t actually Curt’s but a friends, because Curts place was too messy to come off hollywoodesque enough for the show. The best part of this story is big bad Brock Lesnar giggling like a little school girl as eh tells it.

Music Video: In 1999 WCW formed a group called the West Texas Rednecks. It consisted of Curt Hennig, Barry Windham, Kendall Windham, Bobby Duncum Jr, and the wrestler formerly known as Virgil. They would feud with Master P and his No Limit Soldiers. The best thing to come out of this feud was the West Texas Rednecks making a video for their song “Rap is Crap”. The video is included on this set. This video still cracks me up every time I watch it.

WWE Hall of Fame: On March 31st, 2007 “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig was  posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his friend Wade Boggs. His family including his father Larry “The Axe” Hennig and his son Joe “Michael McGullicutty” Hennig accepted the honor on his behalf. Boggs gives us some background history on Perfect going over the titles Hennig won. Boggs tells a story about Curt Hennig saving his life on a camping trip. We then get a video on Hennig’s career. The Hennig family then comes out to accept the honor. Hennig’s wife gives a short speech about her husband.

Coming Soon: The third and final part of my review of the Life and TImes of Mr. Perfect where I review the 10 matches featured on this set. A majority of the matches are WWF, but there are 2 AWA matches, and 1 from WCW. Expect part 3 later this week.

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