Art can be awesome, especially when focused on the right subject. This is why we love Mondo, because the artistic ability is awesome and those talents are directed at creating movie posters.

Limited edition posters that you wouldn’t likely affix to the wall with thumbtacks.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2012, two new works are being put on sale – and won’t likely get past the convention’s attendees. So although you probably won’t get to buy either one of them, we’re going to follow the lead of Badass Digest and share a glimpse of them with you.

The first is impressive in itself without the additions included in the second version. Certainly worth the $45 cost. I won’t be surprised if that’s the favorite of the two for many Dark Knight fans, but the second option adds just a little something extra:

That’s right, the sinister six… or whatever you’d like to call Scarecrow, Ra’s al Ghul, Catwoman, Bane, The Joker and Two-Face.

So which would you rather own, if you could have but one?

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