What Dana White has done with Mixed Martial Arts is nothing short of miraculous.  He took what in essence were two “bar fighters” in a cage committing assault on one another and guided the sport to become a legitimate competition of two remarkably skilled athletes.  Not to say that guys like Severn, Shamrock Gracie, Couture and many other legends that were there in the infancy of the sport were any less athletic, maybe some were but no one considered bar fighters athletic.  Anyway, whether you view MMA in a positive light or a negative one, it is hard to dispute that Dana White was the driving force behind this fast rising sport.

Anyone can hypothesize about how he was so successful in taking the UFC from bankruptcy to a billion dollar entity, however it is quite clear how he did it.  It’s quite simple.  He took the best fighters he could find and got them to fight.  Fighters that may not have been the best but put on great shows…guess what?  They fought.  Grudge matches that people wanted to see?  Dana would set it up.  So simple. So brilliant.  So profitable.  This kind of stuff makes me feel like an idiot for NOT thinking of putting a thin layer of glue behind a small piece of paper that I can stick on things.  Dana White is the kid in school who would get the two bullies everyone wanted to see fight each other, well, fight each other.  He was the guy who got the top two smartasses in your class to snap on each other’s momma until one ran out of lines and a new funnyman is crowned.

So with his persuasive, simple brilliance and his Midas touch for competitive sports why the hell is Dana White NOT in charge of college football?  Can you imagine if we did away with the BCS?!  Oh the Saturday joy!  EVERY Saturday would be like a UFC fight!  EVERY week the top teams play each other, and the teams that aren’t all that great but play hard as hell? They play each other until they crack into bowl contention.  Imagine being able to watch Anderson Silva fight George St Pierre and the winner fights the winner of Jon Jones and Cain Velasquez every week! The undercards would be full of Chris Lytles, Pete Sells and Clay Guidas.  You get selected to a bowl; you select your own opponent.  If this sounds familiar it’s because bowls would be handled like the semis on The Ultimate Fighter.  Close your eyes and imagine Phil Fulmer getting on TV and talking smack about Steve Spurrier.  Imagine the game to follow if Nick Saban called Les Miles a bitch on a post game press conference.  Dana could make it happen.

Here is another thought.  Joe Rogan and Brent Mussburger sitting side by side while calling the games from a different campus.  Given enough drugs and alcohol I truly believe Rogan can call all college football games at once sitting at the many TV screens at a local Applebees but I find Mussburger’s voice soothing and a great complement to Rogan’s more “up tempo” style.  Dana can make this happen.

Dana White needs to be in charge of college football because he does what’s good for his sport.  I dare to dream of a day where Dana has the passion for college football as he does in MMA, because if he does we are all in for a hell of a treat.  Especially in a time where lockouts are all too frequent and the cost to view some of your favorite pros in person can cost you a months rent, maybe this article isn’t all that ridiculous as I thought when I first thought of writing it.  In some weird way I wish Dana White would read this because I know for just a split second he’d think of the same possibilities.  Or maybe not, but the idea of this kind of inception would be cool.