Oakland A’s pitcher, Dallas Braden just pitched the 19th perfect game in MLB History on Mother’s Day 2010.

27 Tampa Bay Rays stepped to the plate. None of them got to first base safely. No hits, walks, errors. 27 up. 27 sent back to the dugout.

If you recognize the name, and aren’t sure where? This is the guy who got pissy about A-Rod running across the mound heading back to 1st base from 3rd after a foul ball. Braden and the Yankees have exchanged barbs over the incident. This week Braden saying “something will have to be done”… maybe that “Something” he was threatening was pitching perfect game against the Tampa Rays who are leading the AL East?

Tampa has been “perfect gamed” twice within a year. Mark Buerhle of the Chicago White Sox did it last year.

Braden had never thrown 8 complete innings in a Major League game before today.

His grandmother, who was in attendance, met him on the field as he was heading to the dugout after he and his team celebrated on the field.