During my drive home from a stint in the office, I turned on the radio and was surprised and disappointed to hear guys participating in the wrong side of a debate. Representing the side of all things good and true was Chad Dukes (@ChadDukes), and were I able to, I would have called in to support him in this matter. The topic was of tacos, and much to my dismay, guys were calling in to say they preferred soft tacos to their crunchy siblings.

Hear me now, on this day: the soft taco is a food option for the guy who is weak in spirit.

If you want a taco, you should go the crunchy route. Don’t be fearful of it falling apart or somehow stabbing you in the face (as one soft proponent mentioned). Though guys should be skilled enough to eat them without the meal turning into utter chaos, what’s the worst that happens? The taco simply becomes de facto nachos. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, I’ve yet to meet a taco which can’t be devoured in four bites, so even when the taco becomes nachos after the first bite, the next taco is only three bites away. Most places you’ll get a taco, it either comes with a plate or it’s wrapped in some sort of paper, which should aid in both holding its form and keeping all the taco ingredients in one place for the less skillful of taco eaters.

This is a burrito. It dominates the soft taco.

This is a burrito. It dominates the soft taco.

Those of you who order soft tacos are telling yourself that you’re not strong-willed enough to just order what you really want – a burrito, taquitos, an enchilada or fajitas. All of those items are acceptable options to order, mind you, but there’s simply no need to order a sub-par version of each and call it a soft taco.

If you decide not to order one of those items because you’re afraid you might make the wrong impression on a date due to failure to finish eating the entire thing, or by showing how hungry you are, we’d like to tell you to “man up”. At the very least, even when you do go the soft taco route, at least admit that your preference is for crunchy tacos, burritos, fajitas or taquitos.

And don’t even try to bring “fish tacos” into this argument, because those aren’t soft tacos – they’re just a different kind of fajita.