Often late at night, when I should be sleeping but I’m not, I have weird thoughts.  Lucky you, I’m going to start sharing them here on Guys Nation.

Have you ever gone to the bathroom and urinated so much that you thought it was never going to stop?  Usually it happens in the morning, but sometimes when I stay up late enough, it happens at night (which I guess could be considered early morning).

What would it take for continuous flow?  How much water would I have to drink continuously so that while I’m still drinking it, the first sip I took is expelled through normal bladder-relieving means?

I’m not advocating anyone try this.  At least, not without some strong science to back you up.  If you drink too much, your cells can actually become overwhelmed with water and you can die, drowning from the inside out.

I imagine there’d be an amount of water you could drink VERY slowly over a period of time which could make this experiment happen.

Would it be a waste of water?  Absolutely.  A waste of time?  Probably.  Is it an interesting concept to consider?  To me it is.  At least at 2 am.