Start talking about Batman #50 that came out on July 4th, 2018 and you’re opening a can of worms. It’s an incredible issue, even if certain aspects of it disappointed a lot of people, well-written by Tom King even if people didn’t like what transpired. That said, one thing that can’t be debated is whether or not there was some amazing art, both within the pages and in the covers.

That’s right, covers. Multiple. Because there were over 30 variant cover options by dozens of artists. Some of them were exclusive to certain comic shops, others were sold online by the artists themselves. The prices varied quite a bit, and if you wanted something by Neal Adams or Alex Ross, even if you got in early, you had to pay a decent amount.

Having bought a few variants myself, I figured I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some of my favorites from the upwards of 50 variants created. Don’t miss out on the poll at the bottom!

Ale’ Garza focused on the bridesmaids.

Alex Ross provided a look at three of the caped members of The Bat Family.

Alex Ross also provided a stylized look at old-school Catwoman.

Arthur Adams captured Bat leaping onto the scene.

Clay Mann took a couple different perspectives, this one looking at the duality of Bat and Cat.

Clay Mann also gave us a glimpse at just who might be there to cut the cake (or something).

Dave Johnson captures the Bride-to-Be in just four colors.

David Mack makes great use of negative space.

Dawn McTeigue shows us that Selina might let Bruce hold the whip… now and again.

Eric Basaldua adds a bit of purple to the dress, improving on an otherwise amazing gown.

Francesco Mattina with one of my favorites, showing someone perhaps jumping out of the cake.

Frank Cho extended his artwork beyond the front cover, onto the back and in a fold-out.

Guillem March put the loving couple into a pose reminiscent of the iconic 90s Spider-man kiss.

J Scott Campbell did one better and extended his artwork beyond the cover and back and added two fold-outs.

Jason Fabok extends the Rooftops concept.

Jim Lee catching a moment between them in the rain.

Joe Jusko with a beautiful look at bats, cats and cards.

Joe Jusko with a variant of his variant cover, bringing Joker into the mix!

Joe Madureira showing some of the potential attendees, both heroes and rogues.

Jorge Jiminez with one of the variants I bought.

Joshua Middleton with the type of wedding portrait typical of Baby Boomers.

Lucio Parrillo with plenty of detail on the couple, the church, and a potential uninvited guest.

Mark Brooks with another of my favorites.

Mark Brooks with a variant on his variant.

Mike Mayhew with a look at the ring.

Natali Sanders shows off the dress for Comic Market Street.

Neal Adams like only he can do!

Nick Derington does amazing work with stained glass.

Mikel Janin with the regular cover.

Tyler Kirkham with the happy couple in their finest.

Tyler Kirkham with a variant on his variant, showing the happy couple in something more comfortable.

Warren Louw with a nice look at the dress and the shadows of the past.

Now it’s time to vote, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one of the Batman #50 cover options!