I know what your thinking, maybe it is the 38DDs that made you look at her when she walked by. Or maybe it was the way her eyes peered from behind her black rimmed glasses as she saw you looking back at her. Or maybe, just maybe it was that devilish grin that told you she knew what was on your mind. Whatever it was, you are now caught in the web of the 32 year old model from Canada known as FYR3 aka Ms. Francesca Bouchard. We are lucky enough to catch Francesca at the beginning of her bubbling modeling career. And if anything is evident by her shoots with Shawn Logan and Dave Richer, she has what it takes to get your attention. But don’t take my word for it, check out the photos that I attach to the interview that promise to have you doing a double take.


Alright, readers today I have another special guest in the hot seat for us. See is a part time model and all around hottie, Ms. Francesca Bouchard. A lovely Canadian beauty I have had the pleasure of knowing for some time now. How are you doing today?

Francesca Bouchard: I’m well and you?

Mr. Incredible: Doing well. So, I guess we can start this off with a simple question…how did you get started in modeling?

Francesca Bouchard: Actually I was on a site someone sent me a message and told me that I was beautiful and he wanted to take flicks of me. I thought it was a pick up line but actually he was a reputable photographer in Windsor his name is Dave Richer. And ever since then, I’ve been trying out new photographers and making my portfolio better

Mr. Incredible: What made you think that you had what it takes to be a model, outside of what Richer told you?

1098406_1402939673263772_387313124_nFrancesca Bouchard: I didn’t actually with my age being a factor to me. Most people tell me I have a pretty edgy, but cute look to me, so I tried it out. I mean, I really don’t look my age…why not try it. Plus, I have a gorgeous smile and pretty eyes. don’t you think?

Mr. Incredible: But of course. But I’ve always been a fan of your devilish grin, myself.

Francesca Bouchard: I know…I love it, too. Kinda shows that sexy sultry side of me. But honestly, I guess I’ve always liked being on cam. I mean put the right music on and trust me, magic is gonna happen with the camera.

Mr. Incredible: So with all the different types of modeling there is now, what style of modeling do you think you do best?

Francesca Bouchard: Well,  I like that gothic girl modeling and I wouldn’t mind doing partial nude. Maybe even doing some modeling for a few clothing lines, I’m working on that one.

Mr. Incredible: Partial nudes, hmmmmm…I would love to see that, lol. Have you been able to get in touch with clothing lines or hook up with any photographers who may have the connections to get you started in that direction?

Francesca Bouchard: I do, but it takes time. I also love being in lingerie, lace, leather and boots. Love it. Or even a nice sexy party dress with the right shoes on. I’m a complete shoe whore. Actually, I just met a bunch of photographers recently. I just gotta put myself out there much more and get recognized more. But this is a cut throat business and it can either make you or swallow you. You choose how far u willing to go, to get further.

Mr. Incredible: I hear that. Do you feel as a model, that being able to do either semi nude or nude goes a long way in helping your career?

Francesca Bouchard: I mean the more different types of modeling you can do the better. You will be given more opportunities. But, when I say nudes, I do not mean porn.

Mr. Incredible: That’s good to clarify. But What I mean is with a lot of print work heading into that risky style, where it’s nude but not nude like the Zoe Saldana shoot, not being able to do some type of nude is almost like crippling your career.

Francesca Bouchard: Well, I’ll do whatever I gotta do to make it on top, providing it’s a reputable agency. But I’m willing to do it. You know what they say, “scared money don’t make money”. So you gotta take chances. I mean if they are well reputable, I don’t have any hang ups on getting naked, as long as they are making me beautiful and not trashy. And there is a very fine line with what’s sexy and provocative and sultry, instead of being a hot, steaming and porn star like. Now don’t get me wrong, I mean some porn stars are gorgeous too. But I mean it’s really a fine line between the two.12992_1402938999930506_1471347432_n

Mr. Incredible: Do you think that some models jump right into the nude shoots because they think that that will be the quickest way to get money?

Francesca Bouchard: Yes, some do or they might just be comfortable being naked. That just maybe  their forte

Mr. Incredible: How has social media (facebook, Instagram, etc…) made getting into and doing modeling easier or harder?

Francesca Bouchard: For me Facebook has everything. If you don’t know someone in the business well, someone else from another friend will know. With all these social Media sites, I cannot tell me you can’t find work

Mr. Incredible: And that will connect to the next topic in this interview. A little thing known as THE THIRST!!! How bothersome is it to shift through the uncalled for comments and request, while trying to find and answer legit offers?

Francesca Bouchard: Its fine, I mean your fans are your fans and they are who is gonna make you who you wanna be or could be. You always gonna have thirst buckets and haters no matter where you go. You obviously are doing something right and someone is actually appreciating you as a model and person or vice versa.

Mr. Incredible: Have you ever had to leave a shoot because someone got a little too frisky?

Francesca Bouchard: Never, I have always worked with real professional men.

Mr. Incredible: Have you done any work with any female photographers?

Francesca Bouchard: Not yet. I wouldn’t mind doing work for a female photographer or doing a shoot with another female. I’m very easy to get along with.


Mr. Incredible: Have you joined an agency yet or are you doing everything yourself?

Francesca Bouchard: I’m doing everything myself right now. I would love to join an agency but as of right now everything I’m doing on my own and word to mouth.

Mr. Incredible: Is there a reason for that or are you waiting until you have a little more work under your belt?

Francesca Bouchard: I’m waiting to have more work under me. You’re only as good as your product. More experience means a better product

Mr. Incredible: What would your idea shoot be?

Francesca Bouchard: Well, I mean I like dark Gothic stuff. But I also like bondage stuff.  I am a very dominant female

Mr. Incredible: So you would do the latex and whips style shoot if you could?

Francesca Bouchard: Yes, I would and I would do lingerie also stylish urban wear.

_SPL7459Mr. Incredible: I’m glad you brought that up. With your look and your shape, do you feel you appeal more to the urban demographic?

Francesca Bouchard: Actually yes and no

Mr. Incredible: Explain if you don’t mind.

Francesca Bouchard: I mean before I would have said yes but, nowadays everyone is very much versatile

Mr. Incredible: Ok, now to the question that all the guys want to know the answer to, are you single?

Francesca Bouchard: Yes. I am single but, I do go on friendly dates until I find Mr Right. But I’m taking my time

Mr. Incredible: Now, would it be safe to say that you like dating Black men?

Francesca Bouchard: Yes I do, but i also have a weakness for Spanish men I guess it’s that Latin tongue, lol

Mr. Incredible: Ha, What attracts you to men of another color?

Francesca Bouchard: Their style is so much better it seem they take more time trying to put themselves together. Always smelling good, lined up nice and those lips though , and of course in the bedroom it’s a given from my experience they are way much better. They got that rhythm in those hips a little dominance or a lot.

Mr. Incredible: How do you feel about those who frown on interracial dating?

Francesca Bouchard: I mean it’s their own choice I don’t really care I’m not living for them if that’s what they think it’s their business. But its 2013, get with the program everyone is mixed with something

Mr. Incredible: Now, I heard that you are something of a reggae dancer?

Francesca Bouchard: Yes, somewhat. Since I move to this city I’m in, I don’t dance much like I used to when I lived in Toronto. I lov1005374_689471811067372_1912741671_ne Spanish, Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae music. Plus little Alternative, as well.

Mr. Incredible: So I could say you love music that allows you to work your hips.

Francesca Bouchard: Yes , you could say that. I do have rhythm. Most people don’t know though unless you are in the club with me.

Mr. Incredible: I bet…well last question to wrap things up. What should fans and of your work and the readers be expecting from you in the future?

Francesca Bouchard: Hmm good question. There will be more of me online, because I’m about to start a fan site very soon, so u can show me love on there. Plus I wanna be in a magazine in the next 2 years and In videos within the next year.

Mr. Incredible: And that is a wrap. Thank you again

Francesca Bouchard: You very welcome, luv.  it was my pleasure