The national NFL Sunday Night game currently in progress on NBC is being billed with the concept that for the NFL, New England vs Indianapolis is the “Rivalry of the Decade”.

I tend to agree… even though it’s in the last 2 minutes of the game and my team in the fray (The Colts – second favorite in the NFL other than the Redskins) are losing by 6.

Trying to remain as impartial as possible, I will say that no matter what happens, I fully agree that in the NFL, this IS the Rivalry of the Decade, and this game is living up to the hype.

Manning vs Brady.  Both have thrown touchdown passes.  Both have attempted bombs, only to have their passes intercepted.

Lead changes and perfect spirals and great coaching.

In the time that it took me to write this, the Colts just scored a go-ahead touchdown with 13 seconds left.  And even as they kickoff, I’m still worried that the Patriots might return it the entire length of the field.  Another rivalry game I saw this weekend – the 116-year rivalry between Hampden-Sydney College (my dad’s alma mater) and Randolph-Macon College – included a kickoff return for a touchdown which ended up being thegame-winning score for the Garnet & Gray (HSC, for those not “in the know” about the team colors of a college in southern Virginia with ~1,000 students).  Even with one play and 7 seconds left, I was still nervous, because that’s how this games can go.

This is the first loss for Bill Bellichek when taking a lead of 13+ points into the fourth quarter… and everyone outside of New England is loving this… except for maybe Mercury Morris, since this puts the Colts one step closer to a perfect season.  I’m not predicting that, and I’m not looking at the rest of the schedule to see if it even seems possible, but the Colts are still undefeated.

I think the reason why this rivalry is so great is because of the polarizing figures on either side:

  • Tom Brady (the Super Bowl rings, HOT girlfriends)
  • Bill Bellichek (the Super Bowl rings, the choice of attire, the cold-as-ice nature, SpyGate)
  • Peyton Manning (the seemingly endless commercials, the knack of come-from-behind wins)
  • Randy Moss (one of the best wide receivers currently in the league, taking-plays off when playing for other teams, the attitude)

It also has something to do with all the important games they’ve played – with the playoff implications (including the games which were actually PLAYOFF games, not just regular season games to help determine playoff seeding) and the way the games have transpired – with the winner of many of the recent games between the Colts and the Patriots having come from behind to get the victory.