The Good
Michigan: Brady Hoke has Michigan fans more hopeful then at any point in the RichRod Era. Yes they’ve faded after strong starts in the past seasons, but this year is looking different. They could’ve collapsed after a huge loss to Michigan State, but they bounced with a big win. They even did it without the usual Denard performance. Fitzgerald Toussaint, besides having an awesome name, led a rushing attack that got over 300 yards. The defense stepped up its game as well, stopping Purdue drives and even getting a safety at one point and almost a second one.

Stanford: That was certainly a thrilling game. The Cardinal proved they can win tight games instead of blowing out opponents. Their triple OT win over USC proved just that. After throwing an INT that was run back for a TD late in the fourth, Andrew Luck showed incredible poise and calm in leading Stanford to the victory. Such a win could potentially be his Heisman Moment.

The Bad
Florida: This just doesn’t seem like the same Gator team we’re used to watching. The turmoil surrounding the QB situation isn’t the only problem, as the rest of the offense suddenly become ineffective in the second half of their rivalry game against Georgia. There are no players that can step up and make plays when it really matters. Their offensive line was attacked repeatedly by the Bulldogs who really had no worry in their secondary since Florida was not a threat through the air.

Pittsburgh: What was already turning out to be a bad season got even worse for the Panthers. They lost star running back Ray Graham for the season as well as starters on the O-line and at WR, so the chances of making a bowl with the current 4-4 record look bleak. QB Tino Sunseri did lead the team to a victory over UConn, but he has been inconsistent at best, which doesn’t lend that much hope for the rest of the season.

The Ugly
Clemson: Their already thin chances of making the national title game were all but destroyed after they lost to Georgia Tech. They can still make a BCS bowl by winning the ACC title, but their dreams are now dashed. A poor performance by QB Tajh Boyd and Clemson’s exit from the national title discussion all but nix any chance he had of winning the Heisman.

Kansas State: The Wildcats are a good team, making more and more people take notice as they piled up the victories. But they were exposed as good but not great after getting torched by Oklahoma. They hung in for the first half but got outscored by 5 touchdowns in the second. They have Oklahoma State next followed by Texas, so the season could get alot uglier. But it could also be a test of how good K-State really can be.

The ‘Charlie Weis Ate My Cheeseburger’ Award for Defense: Texas. Kansas is such a horrible team defensively, you’d almost expect any team playing them to be eligible for this award. Texas proved that they still can be dominant on defense. I addition to shutting out the Jayhawks, they only gave up 3 first downs and allowed minus 2 rushing yards. If that isn’t one-sided, then what is?

The ‘Surely You Must Be Joking. No I’m Not And Stop Calling Me Shirley’ Offensive Performance Of The Week: Michael Floyd. He has had several stat-starved games, but showed why he is an elite player this week. Getting over 120 yards on 6 catches is impressive, but Floyd added not only a receiving TD, but a rushing one as well.

The ‘These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For’ Mystery Of The Week: Brent Musburger. How can he call himself a sportscaster, journalist, whatever after calling the Stanford-USC game? He couldn’t have been any more blatantly pro-USC is he tried. Any good play by Stanford was explained as bad defense or something by the Trojans. He even tried to make excuses when a Trojan player did a shoulder-to-helmet hit on a Cardinal who had dropped a pass and still went for said hit. To top it off he was effusive in his praise for Matt Barkley, who when his team tied it late in the fourth, started to celebrate like he had won the game. Not very classy, then again neither is USC or Brent it seems. On a side note, next time you watch a game called by him, try The Brent Musburger Drinking Game, a game sure to get you hammered before the end of the first drive.