The Good

Michigan v Notre Dame: How awesome was this game? Ok I know I’m biased because I’m a Mich alum, but that 4th quarter was must see TV. That is what college football is all about, the ups, downs and the unshakeable belief your team can come back from the biggest deficit. On a side note, when all was dismal and it was the end of the 3rd quarter, I decided it was time to start drinking. Look what happened at that point. I may be on to something.

Georgia: This might seem out of place since they lost to South Carolina. However, they took their heavily favored opponents to the limit. Alot of the pre-game hype centered around the murky future of head coach Mark Richt and it seemed like some pundits were already forecasting his doom. His players delivered in a very well played game that the Bulldogs very well could’ve won. If Georgia can continue to play like they did against South Carolina, then they can come back from their current 0-2 hole.

The Bad

South Carolina: Yes they did win, but have given up 79 points total in their first two wins. They barely held off Georgia with QB Stephen Garcia struggling and were it not for RB Marcus Lattimore they might just have lost. They have Navy, Vanderbilt and Kentucky coming up and will probably beat them all, but must step their game if they are to succeed in the SEC.

Garrett Gilbert: After securing his position as the Longhorn’s starting QB before the season started, Gilbert promptly threw two INTs and Texas fell behind BYU 13-0. He was pulled in favor if the two QBs he recently beat out, Case McCoy and David Ash, and they delivered a comeback win. This can’t be good for Gilbert, as the more the QB controversy drags on and the more McCoy and Ash shine, the more likely it is Gilbert gets phased out. He’s certainly no Vince Young or Colt McCoy, older brother of Case.

The Ugly

Arizona State Uniform: Their win over Mizzou was great, but their new uniform was not. I mean this trend of 7 different uniforms started by Oregon is starting to get out of hand. The Maryland ones are the worst so far, but the Sun Devils give us a head scratcher. If you’re going to make a new uniform, at least make a school color prominent. Maroon and gold are not so in these new uniforms. The classic sun devil logo holding a pitchfork is gone in favor of some sort of trident. It’s just one of those things where the first or ‘classic’ design is the best. You won’t see the Red Wings change their uniforms anytime soon. Since this redesign was partially bankrolled by Nike, the true motives are clear.

Ohio State: They barely escaped Toledo with a win that was achieved just in the nick of time. The defense was the problem here as they gave up over 300 yards to the Rockets and didn’t dominate like people are used to seeing them dominate. The suspensions might have played a part, but a big defense has been part of the Buckeyes’ calling card. The players will need to get focused and really prepare for Miami next week or else the result could be ugly.