Chris Davis' missed field goal return for the winning TD set off bedlam at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Photo by Dave Martin/AP Photo

Chris Davis’ missed field goal return for the winning TD set off bedlam at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Photo by Dave Martin/AP Photo

The Good
Auburn: This is not Good, this is Great. In fact, it’s AWESOME. It’s not just the fact that Auburn beat ‘unbeatable’ Alabama, it’s how they did it. That field goal miss returned over 100 yards for the winning score was epic and has to be the Play of The Year, easily topping their tipped game winning TD from earlier in the year. The look on Nick Saban’s face told it all, as does the response from the Twitterverse which imploded as a result of the game. Not we can rejoice in the fact that it won’t be a three-peat for The Tide. Schadenfreude is great isn’t it?

Rivalry Weekend: This is what some college football fans have been waiting for all season. No matter how each team is doing in that particular season, facing your hated rival is something where you give that much more of an effort. Alabama-Auburn, Florida-Florida State, Clemson-South Carolina, UCLA-USC, Stanford-Notre Dame and Michigan-Ohio were the headline grabbers. However, they were lesser ones that still provided some excitement, such as Nebraska-Iowa, LSU-Arkansas, Ole Miss-Miss State and even Missouri-Texas A&M, which isn’t that big of a rivalry but still had huge implications.

The Bad
Too Close: Speaking of rivalry games, Oregon State-Oregon and Arkansas-LSU weren’t expected to be that competitive given how the Beavers and Hogs have performed of late, but they sure made huge pushes. Both those teams were leading their favored opponents in the 4th, but the Tigers was able to pull it out despite Zach Mettenberger being taken out and the Ducks needed a Marcus Mariota TD pass with less then a minute to play to clinch the Civil War. These certainly weren’t the kind of efforts Oregon and LSU were hoping to put on and their regular seasons nearly ended on a very sour note.

Michigan: Sure it was unfortunate that the Wolverines lost to Ohio, but all anyone will really be talking about is Brady Hokes’s decision to go for the two point conversion which cost them the game. In hindsight it was a horrible decision, but that’s hindsight. Michigan’s defense was not stopping the run game and probably wasn’t going to do it in overtime either. So at least give Hoke some credit for having the guts to gamble it all.

The Ugly
Civil War: Whatever happened between Oregon and Oregon State was secondary to the uniforms each team was wearing. The colors were incredibly striking and you could never look directly at the TV because it would hurt your eyes. Of course there were times when you would forget and look straight at it, so that was continually distracting. What made it even worse is that there were a ton of close up shots, so you got to see them in incredible detail. If there was ever a game to watch in black and white, this was the one.

Fresno State: Well so much for the Bulldogs’ chances of busting into the BCS. They were cruising towards the Mountain West title game, but then ran into a motivated San Jose State squad who had their struggles throughout the season. There was no pretense of defense in this since the combined score was near 50, by the end of the 1st quarter no less. It’s a disheartening loss since not only did it knock them out of the BCS, but it ruined their chance for a perfect season.

The ‘Charlie Weis Ate My Cheeseburger’ Award for Defense: Michigan State. It’s never pretty, but their defense always finds a way to get them the win. Though they’d already punched their ticket to the B1G Title game, the defense didn’t take the game off. They were balanced only allowing nearly 250 yards and the pass and rush yards allowed just down the middle while just giving a field goal on the scoreboard. It’s safe to say they’re ready for the Buckeyes.

The ‘Jordan Lynch MACtion Mode’ Offensive Performance Of The Week: All Lynch did this week was rush for 321 yards to break his own FBS single game record of 316…that he set earlier this season. The Huskies are now 12-0 and headed to a likely BCS bowl if they can win the MAC Championship (hey its possible they could lose….mostly). Speaking of QBs, San Jose State’s David Fales had 547 yards passing and 6 TDs to power the Spartans’ upset of Fresno State.

The ‘These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For’ Mystery Of The Week:  This might actually be one of the Mysteries of The Season, but why are more people not talking about Boston College’s Andre Williams? Is it because he doesn’t play for a high profile team? Though he was injured and had to leave this weekend’s game against Syracuse, he still ends up with over 2000 yards rushing to go along with 16 TDs on the ground. In all but 3 games, he rushed for over 100 yards, including 5 200+ yard games with the highlight being 339 against NC State. Those impressive stats should at the very least get him an invite to the Heisman ceremony.