The Good
Wisconsin: Did you expect it to end any other way? The back-and-forth, down-to-the-wire action is what makes games exciting. This time the Badgers were the ones to win on a deep pass, although this one did come with a few minutes left to play. What clinched it for Wisconsin was not any play on their part, but Michigan State roughing the punter to give the ball back after the defense had shut them down. It was an incredibly stupid move on the Spartans’ part, especially since the punt had been returned inside the 5. The Badgers are smelling roses right now.

Clemson: After dropping three of their last four games, there were many who had Clemson pegged as pretenders. They silenced those critics in a big way by beating Virginia Tech to become the ACC champs. A balanced offensive attack kept pouring it on and QB Tajh Boyd in particular had a great game, making plays with his arm and his feet. The defense kept the normally high-scoring Hokies mostly off the scoreboard for a total team effort. After their second convincing win over VT of the season, there’s no doubt that they’re the top team in the ACC.

The Bad
Biased Commentary: Watching the Pac 12 championship game, one thing became very apparent and that is the ‘quality’ of the commentary team. One guy was clearly pulling for UCLA as he would get wood every time the Bruins had a big play. It wasn’t even subtle or anything, nor were most of his comments during the game. He would blatantly play up UCLA players and not really say anything of the same about Oregon. This kind of commentary detracts from the game as these people are supposed to be professionals and call the game. While a certain amount of bias is to be expected perhaps, it still shouldn’t be to the kind of level where it becomes a distraction to what’s happening in the field. At least he wasn’t Brent Musberger calling a USC game. Or Musberger calling any game at all.

Texas: The past two seasons have not been what Longhorn fans are used to seeing. After playing in the national title game nearly two years ago, they fell to 5-7 last season, but will have a winning record this season. That’s quite the precipitous fall for a program used to being in the national title discussion every year. A QB situation that never resolved itself is a factor, but the defense hasn’t been there at times, especially in the loss to Baylor where they were unable to contain RG3.

The Ugly
Houston: Maybe this should be filed under ‘The Massively Epic Fail’ category. At least they didn’t get embarrassed on a national stage by getting blown out in a BCS bowl. Most of the country has Southern Miss now to thank from being spared the agony of having to watch a team from a cupcake conference try to pretend it can hang with the big boys. Being ranked #6 in the country was a joke anyways. Yes they were undefeated, but playing that kind of schedule, most of the country could go undefeated. On second thought, maybe this should have been filed ‘The Good’. On third thought, Case Keenum can forget going to the Heisman ceremony.

Oklahoma: So much for preseason rankings. The Sooners were the top team in the preseason rankings and had designs on playing for the national title. However, they tripped up against Texas Tech and Baylor and then got utterly schooled by Oklahoma State. They got shut down by a team that usually gives up points in bunches and it wasn’t pretty. They had no run game, lost a few fumbles and could never get any consistency on offense. Yet another highly ranked team losing on a big stage.

The ‘Charlie Weis Ate My Cheeseburger’ Award for Defense: LSU. Of course the Tigers would get the nod here. Their defense makes them eligible every week. After giving up 10 points in the 1st quarter to a Georgia team that was hot out of the gate, the Tigers settled down and did what they do best; dominating on defense. They shut out the Dawgs the rest of the way and were particularly overwhelming in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

The ‘Surely You Must Be Joking? No I’m Not And Stop Calling Me Shirley’ Offensive Performance Of The Week: RG3. Nearly 300 yards passing to go along with a pair of TD passes as well as a pair of rushing touchdowns gives RG3 another great performance, this time against Texas. This puts him him solidly in the Heisman discussion as the darkhorse contender to dethrone frontrunners Luck and Richardson. On a side note the best play has to go to BYU. On one play, QB Riley Nelson avoids a sack and throwing as he stumbles, lofts one to Cody Hoffman who makes a one handed grab for the TD. Simply amazing.

The ‘These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For’ Mystery Of The Week: Georgia Dome Clock System. Seriously, what was wrong with the clocks during the SEC title game? There was some trouble during the first half and you would’ve thought they fixed it during halftime, right? Not the case at all, as early in the 3rd quarter, the game clock stopped and wouldn’t start again, so time had to be kept on the field by the refs. The whole thing extended the game time by like an hour and was just really bizarre.Must’ve taken what it learned from the Les Miles School of Clock Management.