The Good
HAIL: Ann Arbor’s long nightmare is over. They beat their mortal enemies the Buckeyes in convincing fashion in front of a uber-charged home crowd. Denard Robinson did what he does best, practically dancing around the field for some big runs and showed poise in the pocket, waiting for the play to develop instead of immediately tucking and running. The elation on the field after the game was more then visible as fans flooded the field. To most of the country this would seem like a long awaited win over a hated rival, but it’s much more then that and hard to put into words. It’s as good a statement as any that Michigan football is back.

Georgia: For a team that was being viewed as having problems in the first weeks of the season, they sure have turned things around. 10 straight wins and the SEC East crown later, they are rolling and while most are expecting them to lose to LSU in the SEC title game, with the way this season has unfolded, don’t count them out just yet. Even more encouraging is that most of the current team will be back next season to build on its current success.

The Bad
Big East: After Rutgers’ meltdown the title picture is a bit clearer, but still very much in doubt. Louisville already has a share of the conference title and if West Virginia and Cincinnati win next weekend then there will be 3 co-champs. The scenarios to decide who gets the BCS bid are more complicated then quantum physics. This does nothing to help the conference’s already battered prestige as its ‘contenders’ are all flawed teams. Whoever ends up going to a BCS bowl as the Big East rep won’t really be given a chance against another conference champ.

LSU-Bama rematch: Ugh. It’s looking more and more like The Rematch will take place in the national title game. The regular season meeting was a snoozefest, full of defense and not much offense. Yes they are the two best teams in the nation by miles. Theoretically that’s what the national title game has; the two best in the nation and decides which is the best. However, there’s no reason to think the game will turn out any different then the original. Viewers want to see excitement and big plays, not 3 and outs. This also inflates SEC fans’ egos even more.

The Ugly
Ohio State: Yes more ragging on the Buckeyes. Though they put up a good fight against Michigan, it was mistakes that did them in, such as blatant fouls and Braxton Miller’s questionable playcalling in the final minutes. There was as much talk about them losing to Michigan as there was about their next coach and the Tressel scandal. Having the former coach address the players the day before the game was a questionable move at best. This is a guy who was clearly complicit in the scandal and showing the players that he can come back without any consequences is no way to fix the problems he created.

Notre Dame: Watching their game against Stanford a shocking statistic was brought up. Heading into the game, the Irish had just 3 total punt return yards all season. Yes only 3 yards which came out to a per game average of less then one. It was mind boggling how that could be achieved, either they have terrible punt returners or they’ve faced really good coverage teams. That was not the only bad thing for them as they played very uneven throughout the whole game, never seeming to string together plays consistently. They’re headed to a bowl, but don’t inspire much confidence going forward.

The ‘Charlie Weis Ate My Cheeseburger’ Award for Defense: Virginia Tech. They completely shut down an upstart Virginia team. The Tech defense gave up only 30 rushing yards on 26 attempts, forced 4 turnovers, allowed only 3 successful 3rd down conversions and otherwise kept the Cavaliers off balance. The Hokies look strong headed into the ACC title game.

The ‘Surely You Must Be Joking? No I’m Not And Stop Calling Me Shirley’ Offensive Performance Of The Week: Montee Ball. Yes Trent Richardson had over 200 yards rushing but no rush TDs. On the other hand Ball had over 150 yards on the ground to along with 4 TDs. When you think of Wisconsin, you think of power running and Ball is yet another example of that tradition.

The ‘These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For’ Mystery Of The Week: The BCS is mystery so tangled and incomprehensible that even the greatest minds in history could not unravel it. It was spared chaos when LSU beat Auburn, but if Georgia can upset the Tigers next weekend, all hell breaks loose. How far would they fall? It’s conceivable that even by losing they would still be #2 due to the many BCS computer formulas. The calls for a new system, playoffs or not would only increase in this scenario.