Duke has plenty to celebrate after beating Miami, they're now atop the ACC Coastal division. Photo by Mark Dolejs/USA TODAY Sports

Duke has plenty to celebrate after beating Miami as they’re now atop the ACC Coastal division. Photo by Mark Dolejs/USA TODAY Sports

The Good
Duke: Perhaps trying their hardest to distract their fans from the start of basketball season, the football Blue Devils put on a show in their huge win over Miami. Down early, they nevertheless stormed back before pulling away in the 4th quarter. This was more then just a win over a ranked, conference opponent, because it puts them in the driver’s seat for the ACC Coastal. Having won 6 in a row and with games against Wake Forest and UNC left, Duke is looking good.

Baylor: Texas Tech jumped out to an early lead, but Baylor didn’t panic and did what they do best: gain a ton of yards and score a ton of points. Bryce Petty was his usual productive self as the Bears continued their drive towards a possible championship berth. They moved up to #4 in the BCS standings, but are only a hair’s breadth behind the Buckeyes. If they can beat Oklahoma State, TCU and Texas, one has to believe they stand a chance to leap over them even if they end up winning the B1G title.

The Bad
Georgia: The Bulldogs just can’t seem to catch a break can they? In a season that’s seen its up and downs, their game against Auburn was looking like an up after they stormed back from a 20 point deficit in the 4th quarter to take the lead. Then Auburn had the ball and in the last minute pulled off an improbable deep pass the deflected into the receiver’s hands for the game winning score. With that the upset vanished into thin air.

Washington: What started out as a promising season has continued to prove the Huskies aren’t quite ready to challenge in the Pac 12. They’ve beaten the lower tier teams in the conference, but haven’t been able to pull off a big win against stiffer competition. They failed to do so against UCLA this week and the result against Oregon State, a team that’s also trending downwards, next week could tell us more.

The Ugly
Stanford: It was bad enough that the Cardinal lost to USC, however it’s also their 2nd conference loss which means Oregon is back on top of the Pac 12 North. However what truly made this game so horrible is that those who watched it were forced to listen to Brent Musberger call a USC game. Well listening to Musberger call any game is painful, but if the Trojans are involved, then you’d best mute him or change the channel.

Miami: Well so much for the Hurricanes’ season. After seven straight wins to start off, they’ve now lost their third in a row after dropping one to Duke. They didn’t just lose those games, they were outplayed in each of them and lost by wide margins. The loss to the Blue Devils was particularly ugly because they seemingly could not stop the run, giving up over 350 yards. What looked like a promising season for the ‘Canes has become anything but in the last few weeks.

The ‘Charlie Weis Ate My Cheeseburger’ Award for Defense: Wisconsin. Playing against one of the more explosive B1G offenses in Indiana, the Badgers were more then up to the task. Not only did they hold the Hoosiers to just 224 total yards and only a field goal, but they were able to stop any sort of momentum Indiana was able to muster. It also helped that their own ground game as relentless.

The ‘Jordan Lynch MACtion Mode’ Offensive Performance Of The Week: The offensive award has officially been renamed to a reference that perhaps more people will get and will stay as such until a better name comes forward or anyone else has a better idea. We all know Jordan Lynch always has MACtion mode on and that was more then evident in their win over Ball State. He accounted for 468 of the team’s 569 total yards with 345 through the air and 123 on the ground while adding 2 touchdowns via each method. The march towards another BCS busting continues.

The ‘These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For’ Mystery Of The Week: So who’s going to play in the BCS title game? Bama and FSU seem locked in, but Ohio and Baylor are coming on strong and ready to step in should one of the former two lose. Each team only has a few games left, so there’s still plenty that could happen.