The Good

UCLA: Not only was the upset of Arizona State a big win for the team, it was even bigger for Neuheisel, who has been dogged by rumors he will soon be fired. With the win over ASU, he has the Bruins a win away from bowl eligibility and is tied for first place in the Pac 12 South. If they use this victory as a launching pad, it’s not inconceivable that they could be playing in the title game.

Big Ten: All you haters who think the Big Ten is less of a conference because its top teams have faltered obviously do not watch the conference’s football games. Critics say because teams like Wisconsin and Nebraska aren’t division frontrunners are missing the point. Upsets create drama and drama makes for good football games. This is what college football is all about. Iowa is in the Legends division race and Penn State by no means has control of the Leaders division. It’s the same thing as divisional races in baseball, as teams play with purpose and more at stake. The Big Ten already has 8 bowl eligible teams and could have as many as 10.

The Bad
Game of The Millenium: The way it was being hyped, you’d think it was a prelude to The Second Coming. SEC apologists and LSU/Bama fans might point to the great defense, but the game was pretty boring. I mean who wants to watch a battle of kickers? Or who wants to see a 1-0 pitcher’s duel instead of a 10-8 slugfest with multiple home runs? There were some good plays, but the QBs did not play very well and there no real drama. The hype was so much that it overshadowed the actual game.

Ryan Broyles: The Oklahoma senior’s season has ended after suffering an ACL tear and that is just terrible for a true playmaker. He’ll finish as the all time FBS leader in receptions, but it seems a bit bittersweet that he won’t be able to play out the rest of his college career, but will instead be relegated to the sideline.

The Ugly
Shankopotamus: The two Bama kickers were battling it out all game for the title of Supreme Shankopotamus. Say what you want, but they lost the game for The Tide. 4 missed field goals is almost unheard of in a game between any two teams, let alone the top 2 ranked ones. Cade Foster had 3 of the 4, so the title would go to him by default. It was a fail on a level that is hard to quantify.

West Virginia: They were the trendy pick to win the Big East in the preseason. However, they’ll need alot of things to go their way if they still want to capture the conference title. Their game next week against 1st place Cincinnati is a must win at this point and a loss would pretty much eliminate their title chances. Their defense, which has inconsistent this season, will need to step up big time in the remaining games.

The ‘Charlie Weis Ate My Cheeseburger’ Award for Defense: Alabama or LSU, as if you expected anyone else to win. There were no touchdowns in The Battle of The Field Goals, with Bama being better against the pass and LSU making Trent Richardsson largely a non-factor. Geaux Tigers came out with the win so I suppose that clinches the award for them.

The ‘Surely You Must Be Joking? No I’m Not And Stop Calling Me Shirley’ Offensive Performance Of The Week: Brandon Weeden. In the antithesis of the Bama-LSU game, Weedon delivered big time in a offensive shootout. He passed for over 500 yards and about 200 of those went to Justin Blackmon. His biggest mistake was an throwing an INT that as returned for a TD. Despite that he kept his team in the game by making big throws and moving them toward the end zone.

The ‘These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For’ Mystery Of The Week: Headshots. The NCAA has to do better at either preventing them or having its refs police them better. Case in point is Stanford receiver Chris Owusu who sustained his second big hit in as many weeks. Both have been blatant illegal hits with a shoulder or helmet being the driving force. The fact that many in the sports world are even discussing if these kinds of hits warrant a penalty is a complete mystery, not to mention absurd. They can cause concussions and do serious neurological damage. If there’s even the slightest question of whether a hit was illegal or not, it should be called for a personal foul. No argument. Yes physicality is a part of the game, but some take it too far and players need to be taught that there are serious repercussions if they decide to use their shoulder or helmet to strike another player in such a dangerous way.