At Comic-Con last week, WWE and Mattel were holding a panel discussion featuring HHH, Rey Mysterio and Bret Hart which got interrupted… by the man holding the sports entertainment company’s championship belt.

With a bullhorn in hand, CM Punk entered the room during the question-answer portion of the panel and announced that he had a three-part question.

His first question was whether or not they were going to cut his mic, an obvious reference to what happened during his RAW-ending rant a few weeks ago.

The second question was in regards to whether or not HHH was enjoying “FantasyLand”, which may or may not be in reference to the fact that last week, HHH announced on RAW that Vince was being removed from his “Chairman of the Board” position in WWE and replaced by HHH.

Amidst the questions, Punk talked about how he heard that they were trying to crown a new champion – a match which takes place tonight (7/25) on RAW between Rey Mysterio and The Miz. Punk pulled the WWE Championship out of his backpack. Punk proceeded to tell Mysterio that if he wanted a shot at the belt, all he had to do was come to Chicago and ask for one.

The third question was to ask why Zack Ryder wasn’t getting on television.

Triple H had responses to some of Punk’s questions, but it’s best served to see and hear it for yourself. To view the panel-crashing, we’ve got the video for you:


And it takes two videos to do this, but we also have the response from HHH after Punk leaves the room, because the panel goes on for an additional two minutes…