Of all the foreign movies I’ve seen, horror or otherwise, Visitor Q has got to be the single most repulsive movie I’ve seen. Now, when I say repulsive I mean that in sort of a good way, if you can believe that. I’m one of those people that watches horror movies because I want to be scared, I want to jump in surprise, and I want that weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Visitor Q provided all of these things, but does that make it a good movie or just an obscure movie that you force your friends to watch on a dare?

That it is directed by Takashi Miike should be an indication as to what you’re in for. Infamous for taking gore to its extreme in film, Miike doesn’t shy away from trying to break the boundaries in Visitor Q. I would dare say that Miike has changed the way horror movies are made in Japan and around the world because of this. I tend to believe that he was one of the directors that started the trend of using serious amounts of graphic gore to pave the way for movies like Saw.

The main story of Visitor Q is a little…well it’s as awkward as the movie itself. It revolves around an immensely dysfunctional family. The opening scene sees a Father paying his prostitute daughter to have sex for a documentary on the youth of Japan. The daughter accepts and when the Father “jumps the gun” the daughters charges her own father twice the original price. One of the many shocking things the Father does for his documentary. The mother is constantly being beaten by their youngest son, she has bruises all over her body from where her son has struck her. By the way, she’s also addicted to heroin and shoots it in her leg all the fucking time. The younger son beats his mother because he is harshly bullied at school and has no other outlet for his anger.

So, that is our obviously troubled family. The father, on the way home from fucking his daughter, is smashed upside the head with a rock by a flamboyantly dressed man. The man doesn’t say anything and just follows the father home, no one really comments on why the man is following him or even care that he just starts staying at their home. This character is “The Visitor”, obviously. For the rest of the movie the Visitor observes the family and spends a majority of the time handling the camera for the father’s documentary. What follows is a twisted story that somehow, through some of the most shocking scenes I’ve ever seen, brings the family together through their dysfunctional flaws. Like usual, I won’t spoil anything and give you ever fiber of what happens. There would be no point to watching or trying to if I told you what happened.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “So…they sound a little messed up but it doesn’t sound that bad.” I’ll give you an example of one of the things that happens. The father, for his documentary, is filming his son being bullied and abused. He has a female co-worker in the car who wants to try to stop the bullies from harming his son. The father refuses because he wants a raw look at the youth of Japan for his documentary. His co-worker is fed up and tries to leave, but the Father decides to make an attempt to rape her instead for betraying him. The Visitor is taping the whole thing and while the Father tries to rape his co-worker…he chokes and kills her on accident. Naturally, he takes the body back home and begins to draw on the body where the best spots to cut her into pieces would be. Becoming aroused, and now taping this all himself, he has sex with his co-workers dead body. Yes, I said it. He pops a cold a one. It couldn’t get worse, right? Wrong. He reaches down and thinks he has discovered that his dead co-worker is wet. He thinks it’s an amazing feat that a dead woman can still get wet. Until he examines his hand and realizes it’s actually feces from her ass. Yep. You heard me. Can’t top that? His penis is stuck, literally stuck and can’t get out, in her because rigor mortis sets in while he is having sex with her.

So, with that gem in mind, I suggest when considering Visitor Q you think long and hard about it. It’s a graphic movie that will probably unsettle you in a number of different ways. At its core it is an interesting piece of the workings of a family set to the most extreme manner possible. However, I do believe that most people wouldn’t be able to get any message other than disgust because of the obscene amount of bizarre and often times gut-wrenching events that occur. When you walk away from a film like this I doubt there is any real philosophical notion rumbling around in your head. I mean, don’t get me wrong, when your stomach turns to iron and you don’t flinch at anything that happens in this movie then sure, maybe. But when you first watch this film…I have to imagine you’ll be too concerned with what the hell you just saw to really do any soul searching.

In the end, it all comes down to what your tolerance level is. If the example I gave you is something you never want to see EVER, then stay the fuck away from this movie at all costs. If it strikes you as an odd twist of humanity and an almost amusing ideal of karma then by all means, give this movie a chance. If you’re on the fence and think you might be ready to try an movie like this then give it a shot anyway. At the very worst it’s a wonderful way to get a conversation with your friends going about the weirdest movie you’ve ever seen. Just, for the love of God, don’t try any of what you see in the movie at home.

What do I give Visitor Q?

Probably a solid three umbrellas out of five. Why umbrellas? Once you watch Visitor Q…you’ll know.

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