Chris Cooley should be a life-long member of the Washington Redskins.

Because the team has decided to cut him, let’s look at the rest of the league and see where the potential future homes might be for the Redskins Great.

Chicago – Starter Kellen Davis is a potential option to get supplanted by Cooley. He’s never had a 20-catch season in his for years in the league. Cooley likely wouldn’t have much difficulty making a case to surpass backup Matt Spaeth, who failed to record a double-digit reception season in 4 of his 5 years in the league. That’s not even mentioning the fact that Chris Cooley’s long-time friend and former Redskins teammate Jason Campbell is already in Chicago as a backup and could help get Cooley on board.

Jason Campbell and Chris Cooley at Disney World

Jason Campbell and Chris Cooley at Disney World

Oakland – Despite having 4 tight ends on their roster this pre-season, only one of them caught more than one pass in any of the games in the pre-season. That was fourth-year player Brandon Myers, who’s career high in receptions for a season is 16. He’s yet to record a touchdown. The fact that Al Saunders is their current Senior Offensive Assistant is another reason to think Cooley might find a home there.

Denver – During trips to the Pro Bowl, Cooley and Manning apparently got along well. Former Colts tight end Jacob Tamme followed Peyton to Denver and after one pre-season is listed as the starter at the position, but it’s not as if the two were a hugely prolific duo for a long period of time. Tamme filled in while Dallas Clark was injured and caught almost 70 passes that season. Last year, he failed to reach 20 receptions. Thus far in three pre-season games, Tamme has amassed just 4 catches. Backup Joel Dreessen (30) is widely considered an average player and would not prove much competition for Cooley.

Cleveland – Ben Watson is 31 and coming off a season with considerable decline in numbers. Backup Evan Moore is said to be a potential roster cut, and Alex Smith (30) hasn’t exceeded 20 receptions since 2008. Jordan Cameron is making great strides at the position, and Cooley could serve as something of a mentor to him.

Arizona – Todd Heap is injured again and coming off of a not-so-productive 2011 (even based on per-game statistics). Jeff King is an average option at the position and holds no advantages to Cooley. Second year player Robert Housler has a very similar build to Cooley, comes from a similar collegiate background (drafted in the 3rd round, coming from a school without significant national attention). Housler could benefit from mentoring from Cooley, even if it comes in challenging him for future roster spots.

St Louis – Second-year player Lance Kendricks has a decent reputation in the league, but his rookie numbers won’t blow anyone away. His backup Michael Hoomanawanui had a good game in last year’s pre-season, catching multiple touchdowns, but he’s more of a blocker than anything and that hasn’t translated into regular season success.

Tennessee – Jared Cook is coming into his own, doubling his 2010 receiving yards last season, but he’s still having issues finding the end zone. His backup, Craig Stevens, has 20 catches in his career dating back to being drafted in 2008.

San Francisco – No doubts that Vernon Davis has the starting job, but Cooley would serve as an upgrade over Delanie Walker as the backup.

Jets – Dustin Keller is locked in as the starter, and is coming off of career highs in receptions and receiving yards from 2011. He has no backup, though if he gets injured, it’s likely they would look to turn to Tim Tebow at what some analysts consider his more natural position.

Green Bay – Even through the injuries to Jermichael Finlay this pre-season, the Packers are having to decide between backups. DJ Williams is making a name for himself, and the Packers also have Tom Crabtree.

San Diego – Though Antonio Gates will turn 33 during the season, this is not a very good option for Cooley. The team also has Randy McMichael (33 years old) on the squad in addition to 2012 fourth round draft pick Ladarius Green.

Baltimore – Though neither of them has reached “break out star” status yet, the Ravens have two young tight ends that sufficiently meet their needs. Unless Dennis Pitta or Ed Dickson get wildly injured in the first game of the season, Cooley’s chances of staying close to his home in Washington are slim.

New Orleans – Obviously Jimmy Graham is the man in New Orleans, but his backup is Dave Thomas, who has a few more catches for his entire career than Cooley had in 2010.

New England – Not even an option. They have Gronkowski and Hernandez as young studs at the position, and Jake Ballard is their backup at 24 years of age.

Dallas Cowboys – I firmly believe that Chris Cooley would retire if the Cowboys were his only option… which is a shame for Jerry Jones, because Jason Witten is having some health issues at the moment which might result in them needing another good receiving tight end.