For anyone who might of been fearing that they might be watching wrestling one day and suddenly think to themselves, “What ever happened to that Chris Benoit guy?”, have no fear. SRG films announced recently that they are  to adapting a Biopic based on a book by Matthew Randazzo called “Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry”. The plans are to make it a thriller and will be called Crossface. Its said to explore the pressures the Crippler faced throughout his career, including drug use, head trauma, and depression. It then ultimately leads the tragic murder suicide.

New Screenwriter Sarah Coulter turned in a first draft in Mid-October and Dale Alexander Carnegie (Clash of the Titans) is producing. It is scheduled to begin shooting next fall for a 2013 release. So, if you were one of those people fearing that moment, have no fear. In a year and a half you can relieve it all over again and remember why you hid it in the farthest reaches of your brain to begin with.

I personally hope they treat this with respect and not try to change it and make Chris seem like MORE of a hero, because although he was majorly messed up… He still was a murderer of his own child and wife.  If it is indeed treated with respect and the facts are kept intact, it has potential to be a great flick, and I look forward to seeing more about this project, including who they cast as the troubled wrestler.








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