Larry Johnson was likely one game away from being the Chief’s all-time leading rusher, he’s still a productive runningback who could easily be a starter on several teams in the league (Kansas City being one of them), but the Chiefs did the right thing by releasing L.J. on Monday.

Coming off of a suspension for “conduct detrimental to the club”, the Chiefs’ front office and coaching staff decided that the best thing to do for all involved would be to release Johnson from his contract.  Despite winning a combined 6 games in 2007 and 2008, the Chiefs are still getting roughly 70,000 fans to Arrowhead Stadium for home games – which says a lot, considering the Chiefs haven’t won a game in Missouri dating back to Week 4 of last season and they traded away their perennial Pro Bowl Tight End – Tony Gonzalez.  The fans were calling for L.J. to be released – frustrated by the idea that he would likely become their team’s leading all-time rusher if he played another game.

Even if the fans weren’t calling for his release, the head coach should’ve been. Over Twitter, L.J. called out head coach Todd Haley for a perceived lack of experience, basically saying that Haley didn’t have the credentials for the job.  Talking badly about his boss?  I guess L.J. thought he was more important to the team than Haley, and as a new head coach, Todd should’ve been the biggest proponent of Johnson leaving town.  Whether Haley had experience or not (he has been on coaching staffs since 1995 and prior to that, he shadowed his father who has been involved with the NFL for the past 50 years in one capacity or another), the Kansas City ownership chose Haley to be the Chiefs’ chief, and that’s enough in my book to demand more respect out of the guys on that roster than Larry Johnson was showing him through his various messages about Haley being more of a golf guy than a football guy.

Although they released a potentially valuable member of their team, the Kansas City Chiefs did the right thing by releasing him.  By doing so, the front office showed its fans and head coach where their priorities were, and they should be commended for it.  For now, Priest Holmes will be the Chiefs’ all-time leading rusher until Jamal Charles or someone else overtakes him, but the fans can rest assured that it won’t be L.J. – a guy who clearly doesn’t respect the organization who drafted him out of college.

Now the Chiefs can continue on their way to finding the keys to success and filling the final 10,000 seats which have been typically vacant on gameday.